American Idol 8: Adam Lambert as Queen Frontman? It Could Happen
Adam Lambert as Queen frontman?  After that performance on the finale, all right--it did seem like a good fit from the very beginning, the combination of one of the biggest rock bands in history with American Idol's resident strong-voiced glam rocker.  It seemed like that from the very beginning, with comparisons to the late Freddie Mercury on the basis of his performances in the Top 13.  It's just meant to happen, right?

Sure, after that finale performance--when he, eventual winner Kris Allen, and the rest of the past season's finalists sang along to "We Are The Champions"--there were a lot of rumors going around, that Adam's been given an offer by the band to tour with them with him on lead vocals.  But, in an interview with Rolling Stone, guitarist Brian May dismissed such speculation as premature.

"Amongst all that furor, there wasn't really a quiet moment to talk," he told the magazine.  "But [drummer Roger Taylor] and I are definitely hoping to have a meaningful conversation with him at some point.  It's not like we, as Queen, would rush into coalescing with another singer just like that.  It isn't that easy.  But I'd certainly like to work with Adam.  That is one amazing instrument he has there."

That means, yes, it is possible.

Despite Mercury's death in 1991 after complications from AIDS, Queen still toured, recently releasing an album with former Free vocalist Paul Rodgers on vocals.  Both parties parted ways early this month.  May is perfectly aware of what Idol has been doing, and is comfortable with the idea of the reality show launching the career of rock singers (which is, arguably, what happened to folks like Chris Daughtry and David Cook).  "You'd have to define 'legitimate' first," he said.  "The long-term answer has to be that, if you have enough talent and enough will to succeed, you will get there by whatever route presents itself.  Once you have scaled the castle walls, with the sword in your hand, it matters little how you got there.  I've not always been positive about shows like this, but there is no doubt that it offers a door to some real genuine talent along the way."

May is positive that both Adam and Kris will be successful in the long run.  "Both those boys are well worthy of big success," he said.  "So it's pointless for someone like me to stand on the sidelines jeering.  I'm confident Adam will make great use of this wonderful opportunity.  I hope I'm there to see it."

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Rolling Stone
(Image courtesy of Fox)