American Idol 7: Top 12 Live Results
American Idol's Top 12 is about to be reduced to 11.  It's the first single elimination Results Show of the season and, really, I'm not looking forward to it.  These episodes drag on forever, and will especially do so now that FOX and American Idol decided to extend all Results Shows from a half hour to a full hour.  So, to recap, now American Idol will spend an hour doing what could be done in five minutes.  Ech.  After the mildly impressive Beatles Night yesterday, these are the contenders to go home tonight – Kristy Lee Cook, David Hernandez, Syesha Mercado and Ramiele Malubay.  My prediction for the bottom three is this: Kristy Lee Cook, David Hernandez and Syesha Mercado, with Syesha getting the ticket home.  I'll be here throughout the episode to give live updates as the show moves along.

I can't even watch these promos for The Moment of Truth.  The worst show in the history of network television.  Congrats, FOX.

Corporate synergy - It's a Horton Hears a Who intro for American Idol.  It was awkward and unnecessary.  But, filler is filler. 

29 million votes last night.  Not too shabby.  Paula is wearing an absurd shiny, silver jacket.

Jim Carrey in da house!  He's wearing a Horton costume.  Oh, what happened to you Jim Carrey?

The group song begins and it's "All My Loving."  It's as cheesy and worthless as any of the group songs.   It quickly segues into "I Feel Fine."  Oh, God - now they're line dancing.   I like David Cook, but I wish he'd stop wearing silly hates and nail polish.

David Archuleta, somehow, gave me another reason not to like him - he's popping his collar tonight, folks.  They're singing "Can't Buy Me Love."  Next, it's "Help!"  Hey, there's some botched harmonies.  I hope that Paul and Ringo aren't watching this atrocity. 

And we're back.  Time for a recap of last night's show.  I'm going to go take a nap for the next ten minutes.

Time for some preliminary results.   Carly Smithson, Michael Johns, Jason Castro and Syesha Mercado stand up.

Carly is safe.

Michael is safe.

Castro is safe.

Syesha is in the bottom three.  SO, this is new.  It looks as if each of the bottom three will get to perform before the final results.  Clever way to fill time, FOX.  Syesha sings "Got to Get You Into My Life" and it's as forgettable as it was last night.

Oh, crap.  It's one of the Idol Ford commercials - they sing Cake's "Going the Distance."  It's a political race theme.  Not been a good episode so far, my friends. 

We see a tape of how much Idol has changed the contestant's lives.  In the background, a weird, close-to-the-original cover of "A Day in the Life" plays.  Here's why this is hugely offensive: this segment is basically another way to advertise Horton Hears a Who - all the video is from the Horton premiere.  I'm kind of sad right now.

Chikezie Eze, Amanda Overmyer, Kristy Lee Cook, and David Cook stand up.

Chikezie is safe.

Amanda is safe. 

David is safe.

Kristy Lee Cook is in the bottom three.  She sings again, to the chagrin of anybody with good taste.

Ryan is now going to take some calls from some Idol fans.  Recap: Jason Castro answers a question awkwardly, Simon verbally smacks down a Idol hopeful, and Simon and Ryan have another homo-erotic moment. 

Katharine McPhee, with David Foster (don't know who he is) on piano, performs "Something" a Beatles song written by George Harrison.  Paul McCartney tells a funny story about how, when he met Frank Sinatra for the first time, Frank told Paul that "Something" was his favorite Lennon/McCartney song.  I'm about 84% sure that story is true.

Kat looks great as always, and her straightforward cover of the song is fine, nothing special, but it's such a great song that it can't help buy be entertaining.

Jim Carrey turns up on stage. 

David Archuleta, Ramiele Malubay, Brooke White and David Hernandez are brought into the middle of the stage.

Archuleta is safe, popped collar and all. 

Brooke is safe.

Ramiele is safe.

Hernandez is in the bottom three.

Time for the final results.  For the record, my pick for elimination is Syesha.

Ryan sends Syesha back to safety.  Well, I was wrong, but this does make me happy.  She deserved to stay.

Kristy Lee Cook is safe.

 David Hernandez has been eliminated from American Idol.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)