American Idol 7: Jason Castro Elimination Interview
Jason Castro is a likable dude.  Listening to his conference call with the media this morning, you can't help but like the guy – he has no ego, is remarkably laid-back and doesn't take himself at all seriously.  Unlike some American Idol contestants, the modesty is real.  When Castro was eliminated from American Idol last night, he was relieved – never has someone been happier to get the boot from American Idol.  The reason was simple – he had a hard time learning two songs in a week, learning three was going to be near impossible.  Below you'll find the highlights of the conference call Jason held this morning. 

He did not not forget the words to Mr. Tambourine Man on purpose.  He says that he's wanted to win the whole time.  He thinks it was all because of his lack of experience and trying to learn two songs at once.  He says his mind was split, and he couldn't focus.  He is aware of all the support back home in Texas, especially at Texas A&M and he really looks forward to going back home.  He started playing guitar his freshman year of college, and singing soon there after.  The longest show he's ever put on is about 30 minutes.  He credits his uniqueness as the reason that he was able to advance through the top 24 despite not being shown in the audition episodes.

He says that he's mellow and laid back in real-life – it wasn't just a show.  He keeps talking about how he had a hard time connecting or getting to know the songs when they moved from one in a week to two.  He says that the videos and the packages were an accurate portrayal of himself.  The forgotten lyrics were pretty much a mystery – he was a little rushed on stage.  Jason never really took the judges' criticisms too hard.  He sometimes was reaffirmed by their comments.

After the tour, Jason just wants to play some music somewhere.  He sang “Crazy” by Gnarles Barkley but it never cleared.  And he also sang “Santeria” at the Hollywood round and that never cleared either.  He admits that he was relieved when he was eliminated – the pressure was off, and he didn't think he'd be able to handle the three songs.  He thinks it's natural for people everywhere to analyze his every move – but, he was happy to be on Idol and loved the whole thing.  Jason admits that he has a girlfriend right now and she's back in Texas.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)