'American Horror Story: Asylum' Preview: 'Nor'easter'
'American Horror Story: Asylum' Preview: 'Nor'easter'
Carla Day
Carla Day
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American Horror Story: Asylum picked the right night to go from creepy to super duper creepy on Halloween. Sister Mary Eunice has gone from the sweet nun that we knew to a nun possessed by an evil so dark that she overshadows everything else at Briarcliff.

Spoiler alert: This preview contains some American Horror Story: Asylum spoilers for tonight's episode. I don't reveal any huge spoilers, but read at your own risk.

The episode opens in the present day with the newlyweds. If you thought Leo was dead after last week's attack, you will be surprised to see that he is still kicking. There's an unexpected Halloween surprise for Teresa.

Back at the past's Briarcliff, the storm is coming and with it comes a movie night for the patients. Kit and Grace decide to use the movie and storm as a cover for their next escape attempt. They partner with a couple people with a frightening outcome.

The possessed Sister Mary Eunice wreaks havoc at the facility. She handles a foe and causes Dr. Arden to go a tad bit more crazy himself. His pure image of her is forever destroyed and he takes it out on a beautiful statue and a patient in a distressing scene.

Sister Jude continues to deal with her past. Someone is messing with her, which causes her to act out and lose herself in front of the patients. It's tragic to watch her unravel.

Dr. Thredson agrees to help Lana. He uncovers unsettling information about the murderer on the loose. Could Kit be innocent? Will Dr. Thredson and Lana continue to work together to uncover the truth about Briarcliff and expose its secrets?

The wood creature makes an appearance for one of the most horrifying scenes of the series so far. "Nor'easter" stirs up the scares and brings back the sex. The use of sex in Briarcliff is terrifying itself.

American Horror Story: Asylum airs on Wednesdays at 10 pm ET on FX.

Here's the trailer for "Nor'easter."

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