7 TV Shows That Need to Jump on the Musical Episode Trend
7 TV Shows That Need to Jump on the Musical Episode Trend
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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TV shows completely bucking their usual format and turning into full-blown musicals is nothing new. For some reason, however, TV fans are being hit by a fresh new wave of musical-inspired installments. The Flash and Supergirl are going to stage yet another crossover with a musical twist to it. Once Upon a Time is also reportedly planning its own musical episode. This is not even to mention shows like Empire or Nashville that have musical interludes embedded into their very DNA. The musical episode might be popular but not every show on TV is on board. Here are seven shows that we'd love to see stage a musical episode.

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It's unfair, when you think about it. The Flash and Supergirl are getting top billing on their musical crossover but really the show will be a three-way crossover. Victor Garber and John Barrowman from Legends of Tomorrow are also set to appear (and sing) in the musical episode "Duet." Arrow is the only show in the CW's superhero line-up that is going to be left out. It does make sense considering Garber and Barrowman have appeared on Broadway and are accomplished singers whereas no one on Arrow can say the same. 

Still, it does seem a bit unfair that the show that spawned all these superhero series doesn't get a piece of the musical pie. It would be weird for Oliver Queen to break into song but that's precisely why it should happen. Oliver being frustratingly and hilariously unable to keep himself from singing is exactly the kind of wackiness a musical episode should provide for fans. The Flash/Supergirl crossover will introduce the villain the Music Meister to the Arrow universe so it could happen but it's just a matter of time. 

The Magicians 

The Magicians is a relatively new show but already it has taken big departures from the trilogy of books on which it is based. Yet nowhere in Lev Grossman's novels do the characters get anywhere close to a full-blown musical adventure. The Magicians could easily pull off a musical and it would be undoubtedly excellent. The show has brushed with musical moments before like when main character Quentin had to loudly and energetically sing Taylor Swift to break out of a comatose hallucination. This is, to date, one of the best moments from The Magicians and a full episode of similar moments would be stellar. Plus, as fun as it would be to see grouchy Oliver Queen burst into song it would be even more amusing to see the even grouchier Penny on The Magicians do the same. 


The latest take on the all-American Archie comics, Riverdale, is weird. However, the show is nowhere near weird enough that it could reasonably explain or ignore the characters randomly crooning. However most of the characters of Riverdale are high school characters (even if they go to that special TV version of high school where every student looks 25 and is sexier than sin, even the nerds.) It would be very easy for Archie and his friends to join the annual high school musical and for Riverdale to produce an episode out of it. It would fit with the storyline too since Archie is currently pursuing his passion of music and the (fictional) girl band Josie and the Pussycats are semi-regular characters. 


A cartoon definitely meant for adults, Archer has done a lot of weird things. While there have been musical moments in the show, and in season 5 the show even produced an entire country album, there has never been a full episode devoted to original music. There really would be no limits to what could happen given the show's cartoon status and the rules that have already been set up in the universe, though an appearance by Kenny Loggins or a reference to "Highway to the Danger Zone" is a must. It would be like the (first) It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia musical episode, "The Nightman Cometh," but a lot wackier, probably dirtier and hilarious. Archer's voice actor H. Jon Benjamin has already done plenty of singing on his other main TV job, Bob's Burgers. So we know it can be pulled off, it just needs to be written.


Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow is no stranger to taking very weird event episodes and making something surprisingly great. The big crossover the show had with Bones should have been a disaster. Yet it was a ton of fun and a real delight for both fans. It's true that after losing Abbie (and maybe a little bit before) Sleepy Hollow is not as good a show as it once was. The show has become a bit boring. A musical episode, though, could be the kick the show needs to revitalize itself. If played in just the right way Sleepy Hollow could get back to its roots of being fun and daring with an excellent musical episode. 

American Horror Story

Like plenty of other shows on this list, American Horror Story has dabbled in having very surreal musical moments. They mainly happened when Jessica Lange was on the show but they really had nothing to do with the actress or her singing ability. American Horror Story is just that weird and people can sing for no other reason that executive producer Ryan Murphy probably thought it was a good idea. 

Yet for all the interesting and weird ways American Horror Story has changed things up there has never been an entire musical episode and there is really no reason that there couldn't be one. It would have to be dark and macabre but that so is American Horror Story. The show has always been gorier than it has been scary. The show could even make a musical or musical troupe the theme for a season. A bloody, deadly musical with Sarah Paulson belting her head off sounds like Emmy gold ... or at the very least an incredibly entertaining trainwreck. 

The Good Place  

For anyone who has seen the shocking season 1 finale of The Good Place, they know the show is going to have to answer a lot of questions in the upcoming season 2 (and maybe beyond) before a musical episode could happen. Yet The Good Place is perfectly suited to the characters breaking out into song. All bets are off given the show's setting in the afterlife. It could be something as simple as Ted Danson's character, Michael, and his assistant Janet making some kind of supernatural mistake that makes every character sing their dialogue rather than speak it. Ted Danson trying to stop Kristen Bell from singing her feelings is something that needs to be seen. 

But what do you think? Would you watch musical episodes from these shows? Which shows would you like to jump on the musical episode bandwagon? Which of these potential musical episodes is the best idea? Which is the worst?

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