'Alphas' Season 2 Premiere Preview: The Word is Out
'Alphas' Season 2 Premiere Preview: The Word is Out
Last season on Alphas, Dr. Lee Rosen (David Strathairn), a distinguished neurologist and psychologist, revealed one of the biggest secrets to mankind and because of that, he had been held in prison. Wondering what that secret is? Apparently, people with supernatural abilities known as Alphas exist and Dr. Rosen happen to be responsible for creating a secret team of Alphas whose task is to investigate criminal cases involving other suspected Alphas.

What will happen now that the world has learned about the existence of Alphas? How will the bad Alphas react? Will there be a world-wide paranoia outbreak in Alphas season 2?

Which Alphas Character are You?

What to expect from Alphas season 2:
With new showrunner Bruce Miller (Eureka) on board, this Syfy drama series promises big surprises and action-filled Alpha-on-Alpha moments. Season 2 highlights the return of the antagonistic Stanton Parish (John Pyper-Ferguson) who considers Alphas a superior race over  normal human beings. "The battle between Parish and Rosen is really the centerpiece of our season. These are two very, very smart men, who both have an idealistic but very different vision of our future," reveals Miller to SFX.

Apart from the warfare, Alphas season 2 also dwells on divided loyalties. While the members of Dr. Rosen's team try to fight crimes for the betterment of the world with the assistance from the government, they don't necessarily trust its motives. The Alphas question whether or not they should continue serving the government. Oftentimes, they think that investing their time in helping them understand their own kind and what they are made of would be a wiser choice.

In a sneak peek of tonight's premiere "Wake Up Call," a boring day at the grocery store for Hicks turns hectic when lights go out and guns come out. Take a look:

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As if all these are not enough, this season Alphas will see returning roles apart from Stanton Parish including electronics mastermind with sizable IQ Skylar Adams (Firefly's Summer Glau), Agent Nathan Cley (Mahershala Ali) and Dr. Rosen's empath daughter Dani (Kathleen Munroe). This season, this Syfy series also features a slew of guest stars including Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings), Thomas Howell (Southland), Lauren Holly (NCIS), Steve Byers (Immortals), Kandyse McClure (Battlestar Galactica) and Noah Reid (Rookie Blue).

Alphas returns Monday July 23, 2012 on Syfy. Get ready for the Warehouse 13 premiere here.

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