'Almost Human' Season Finale Recap: Kennex and Dorian at Their Best Together
'Almost Human' Season Finale Recap: Kennex and Dorian at Their Best Together
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Almost Human closed out its first season with one of the strongest episodes of the season. "Straw Man" started out as a typical homicide case, but quickly became much more. It was about a 10 year old serial killer case that involved Kennex's father.

While I enjoyed the finale and the season, both were plagued with poor story reveals and pacing. The premiere episode set up several important issues and questions to be resolved, which were ignored for the most part.

The lessons that Dorian and Kennex should have learned from each other were glossed over or entirely overlooked. One day they had problems and the next they were gone. In the finale, Kennex's list of Dorian's peculiar behaviors was funny, but a reminder of the missed opportunity there.

It's unclear at this point if Almost Human will be renewed for another season or not. I hope that it is, but that comes with the caveat that the writers come up with more futuristic-based crimes and that the season has an engaging overall storyline. 

Remember, the Syndicate? The listening device in Kennex's apartment? Kennex's "girlfriend"? Those story threads should have been better integrated into the overall season story. I was disappointed at how disjointed the season was on the whole.

The finale is a perfect example too. The story of Kennex's father was so rich. It felt rushed that his last case was brought up in the finale, investigated, and solved in one hour. It could easily have been explored over several episodes.

The Straw Man Case

A girl was found murdered and stuffed with straw just like a serial killer did a decade before. John Kennex's father was the one who put the serial killer, Michael Costa, away. Was this a copy cat? Or, did his father put the wrong guy behind bars.

After visiting the prison, it became clear that Edward believed Costa was innocent and his murder was likely related to this case and/or the stolen tech. Kennex wanted to keep this tidbit quiet because he wasn't sure if cops involved were still on the job.

After examining the body, Rudy and Dorian realized that it wasn't human remains, but a printed body. The "killer" stuffed the bodies with straw because he wasn't able to perfectly replicate internal organs. He was keeping his victims alive, but wanted police to believe they were dead. The police would look for missing people, but not dead ones.

Trapping the Straw Man

Since the Straw Man targeted homeless people, the police and MXs openly patrolled those areas, except for two. They hoped the plan would draw him out and it did. He stopped his first abduction when an MX showed up and picked up a victim where Paul was undercover.

A drone picked him up and face recognition identified him as Glenn Dunbar. The police tracked him to his home. It was basically a laboratory where he farmed the humans for his own personal needs. 

Glenn had extended his life at the expense of others by turning himself into a cyborg using biotech. The cops found a printed Glenn filled with explosives first. Then the real Glenn attacked Kennex. They fought and finally Glenn was brought down by multiple gun shots to his chest.

Wham bam. That was quick. At his lab, they found many of the victims still alive and the tech stolen from the police evidence locker 10 years before. The equipment still had the evidence tags on them. Since Glenn stopped killing for all those years and with Costa in prison, he must not have feared being caught.

Det. Edward Kennex - Case Closed?

In the lab, Kennex found proof that it wasn't his father who stole the tech from the evidence lab. Someone had sold it to Glenn for his experiments. The evidence room cop was killed a few weeks after Kennex's father. Case closed. Or, is it?

At least Detective Edward Kennex's last case was probably resolved. The real serial killer was killed and the wrongly convicted Costa was set free and getting the mental health treatment he needed.

As far as the murder of Kennex's father, that seemed a little too easy to solve. If it was only one cop involved, how was he able to cover it up so easily? The death of two cops within a few weeks should have drawn more suspicion and investigation, right?

If Almost Human is picked up for season 2, I hope this case is examined more. There's more meat on that bone.

Dorian's Term Renewed

A council questioned those who work with Dorian about his performance on the job. Malonado and Kennex had only positive things to say about the him. Rudy was nervous and a little odd in his comments. (Dorian as a parent to his kid? What?)

In the end, Dorian was found to be fit for service and his assignment at the police department and with Kennex was extended. Dorian was thrilled, so he sought out Kennex and brought him a gift.

Dorian gave Kennex an even better robotic leg than he had. I hope we get to see that in use next season. Dorian's gratitude for Kennex was touching to see. And, even though Kennex isn't one to show his emotions, he was happy as well.

When a robbery call came across, Kennex gave up his noodles to go back on the job with Dorian. And, the smile when he grabbed the new leg was precious. The two men were meant to be partners and together they solved crimes and fixed each other.

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