'Almost Human' Interviews: The Cast Discusses the Balance of Technology and Humanity
'Almost Human' Interviews: The Cast Discusses the Balance of Technology and Humanity
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Almost Human is a new fall show that examines the line between humanity and technology through the lives of two police partners. John Kennex is a cop with a robotic leg who is partnered with Dorian, a synthetic with human characteristics. They will be challenged to accept and learn from each other.

Karl Urban (Star Trek),  Michael Ealy (Think Like a Man), Lili Taylor (Hemlock Grove) and Minka Kelly (Friday Night Lights) met with reporters this summer at San Diego Comic-Con to discuss their upcoming show. 

Check out the full video interviews and highlights from the Almost Human cast.

Karl Urban (John Kennex) Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • John Kennex has been in a coma for two years. He awakes up with a robotic leg. He was responsible for the "massive loss of live within his team."
  • John is searching for himself and finds the answers in his synthetic partner. His partner is more human than robot.
  • Urban wasn't looking to do television, but JJ Abrams drew him into the project. So far the process has been pretty much the same as doing movies. He's looking forward to exploring a character over a season instead of just for a couple hours.
  • "It's my hope that Dorian kinda puts John in touch with himself and his humanity in the best world they learn from each other."
  • "They are both searching for what it is to be human."
  • John has a lot of baggage which has made him closed off. Dorian will help open him up.
  • In the pilot, John's not John yet.
  • "It's like life. We don't know what's around the corner." on the evolving characters in television.
  • The technology in Almost Human is coming down the pike. 
  • "I don't think of this show as a science fiction show. It's a slightly futuristic show. It would be like we're a cop show in the early 90s walking around with [today's phones."
Michael Ealy (Dorian) Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • Ealy's first meeting with creator Joel Wyman last three hours. He wasn't sure when he walked in, but left thinking "This is crazy." 
  • He has confidence in Wyman and the direction of the show and future of it.
  • There's discrimination and political correctness. "Don't call me a f**king robot." It's offensive. The idea that a robot could be offended....
  • Ealy hadn't thought about the future until this show. He now thinks about the world his kids will live in. His son could have a partner like Dorian.
  • "It's by far the most difficult role to play." 
  • Ealy based Dorian on three characters in movie history: Jason Bourne, Robert Patrick's Terminator, and Star Man.
  • "The humor plays nicely without being forced."
  • Ealy hopes that, "Dorian's hunger for humanity will cause John to understand that he's blessed and what he has is special."
  • And, "Flip that, what I hope Dorian understands is that everything human is not good. And, sometimes being able to do what you're able to do ... I hope he learns to appreciate some of that."
  • "[Dorian's] desire to embrace to humanity that sets him apart from other machines we've seen in the past. It gives a hopeful tone to the show."
  • The show will demonstrate that man and machine can co-exist.
  • Dorian knows that newer models of synthetics are machines. They can't think or feel like he does. He has pride in that.
Lili Taylor (Malonado) Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • Taylor's character was originally written as a man. She always wanted to play a cop. 
  • Malonado has a feminine side, but she's still able to be a boss.
  • Taylor sees the relationship between Malonado and John as brother and sister. She is still his boss.
  • Joel Wyman said that he doesn't plan on being as secretive with them as he was on Fringe.
  • Climate change, neuroscience, Google Glass, ethical questions, bringing back extinct animals, etc are questions that will be raised.
  • To be human is to "fall and get back up."
Minka Kelly (Valerie Stahl) Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • Series will look at whether we will lose the human touch with as technology grows. Not teaching cursive in school and kids not learning to write letters and mail them. Instead texting now.
  • Her character believes strongly in not losing that human contact. 
  • There is more to her character than "meets the eyes." 
  • "She's not an android, but there are some really fun aspects to her that will be revealed."
  • She looks up to John Kennex because they have similar beliefs.
  • Initially it's not a romantic connection between John and Valerie, she just admires him. Though, it's possible that could change.
  • When filming, it doesn't feel like a sci fi show, but then when watching it has that aspect too.
  • There is a lot of humor in the show. 
  • Kelly is happy to know about what's coming for her character. It's gotten her more excited for it. "I'm excited to see how far they'll go."
Almost Human premieres on Monday, November 4 at 8 pm ET on FOX

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