'Project Runway' Recap: Who's In and Who's Out for Fashion Week
'Project Runway' Recap: Who's In and Who's Out for Fashion Week
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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So the judges didn't have the guts to eliminate even a single designer last week so now Justin, Alexandria and Helen have to battle it out in order to get a chance to compete with Dom and Bradon at New York Fashion Week. In six weeks the three former designers in danger will have to show some of their looks off on the runway for the judges.

Each of the designers has to create a 10-look collection for spring for New York Fashion Week. In addition, one of looks must be made of unconventional materials, which means nothing made out of fabric. Tim will pop in for a visit over the course of the six weeks to each of the designers to meet their families and pet their dogs and maybe even critique their fashions.

Dom- Philadelphia, PA

Tim meets with Dom and her family at a restaurant that she hostesses at by day while working on her collection at night. She was raised by a single mother so she learned at a young age that she had to work hard for everything that she wanted.

She shows Tim what she has done, but it's very little. She's created her own prints and she's still waiting for most of them to be finished manufacturing. The collection was inspired by Blade Runner and she wants it to have a retro-futurism look. Her unconventional dress is going to be made of door braces.

Bradon- Los Angeles, CA

Bradon has most of collection completed and it looks very refined and a bit vintage. He says he's inspired by crocuses coming up from the snow in the beginning stages of spring. Tim is encouraged by the collection but does not care for his unconventional dress, which is made up of clothesline and painters plastic. He says the colors clash with the rest of the looks, so Bradon thinks he'll have to start over on that one.

Tim also meets Bradon's fiance Joshua. The two met as students at Julliard where Bradon was a dancer and Joshua was an opera singer. Bradon talked about how fulfilled he is now that he's found something that he is just as passionate about as he was for dance.

Alexander- San Mateo, CA

Alexandria has been a sewing monster since she got home, having already created 30 pieces by Tim's visit. Her theme is "neo-nomadic punk/urban warrior" (whatever that means), but her pieces are all black, white and gray and don't seem very modern or edgy. Her unconventional dress is going to be made of woven phone book pages that her camp students helped her weave.

Speaking of her camp students, Alexandria and Tim take a trip to Camp Couture where the mini-sewing machines are almost as adorable as the mini-seamstresses. Her students made "ugly dolls" of all the Project Runway contestants, and of course Tim Gunn. I'll be stunned if we don't see at least one of these little cuties on season 53.

Helen- Union City, NJ

The biggest surprise about Helen's collection is that it's actually not all black. In fact, most of it is a bright red that she contrasted with a print of her own design that is a close up of an eyeball because her theme is "clairvoyance." I wish I were joking. Tim tells her that her pieces aren't really show-stoppers yet, but that she needs to focus on her capes if she wants to make her collection special. Her unconventional material she is working with is a bath mat that she spray painted blue.

Justin- Raleigh, NC

Justin, too designed his own print for his collection which is a sound wave. He wants his collection to tell the story of what it was first like when he got his cochlear ear piece. He also has these really cool 3D pieces to add to his looks that he's manufacturing himself and his unconventional material is test tubes that almost look like feathers.

Back to the Runway

Back at the work room, everyone inspects what the other designers have done. Bradon thinks that Alexandria is going to have a tough time editing all of her pieces. Alexandria thinks that Helen is over-confident and her collection is basic. Dom is obsessed with Justin's 3D print pieces.

Tim gives the three designers who are showing the next day one last critique. He tells Helen and Justin to clean up some construction details. And as Bradon expected, Alexandria is already having trouble deciding which pieces to show so Tim tells her to just follow her gut.

Before the runway show, Tim tells the designers that Dom and Bradon and whoever else makes it to fashion week are going to be expected to create one addition look to their collection that will be "washable fashion" as an additional Tide challenge. Okay, Tim, and your shameless product placement. Come back next week when this challenge is actually (somewhat) relevant.

Oh also, Tim had an unfortunate encounter with some subway stairs (why is Tim Gunn taking the subway?!) so now he stitches on his lip and forehead. He manges to look like the most dapper bad-ass you have ever seen.

The judges this week are only the ones who know the designers the best. The dashing Zac Posen, the icy but still lovable Nina Garcia, and the head German in charge, Heidi Klum.

Justin- Justin made an incredibly smart decision when he chose to put his test-tube dress on the runway because the judges are amazed by it. Heidi actually drops her jaw when she sees it coming down the runway. They all adore his 3D prints but think he should change the hair styling if he makes it to Fashion Week.

Alexandria- I thought the pieces that Alexandria showed were all so casual and boring, and Nina really agreed with me on that point. Heidi liked the slouchy trousers and the jackets though and thought that it was cool and sophisticated. Zac also agreed that it wasn't very fashion forward, but all well executed.

Helen- The judges agreed that all of the pieces Helen showed were a miss. They didn't see the connection to her "clairvoyance" theme and said that her print dress looked like her model was wearing a straightjacket. They also said the pieces lacked cohesion and none of them looked like anything they hadn't seen before.

The judges were obviously thrilled with Justin's collection so it's no surprise when they send him through to fashion week. But then, in dramatic fashion, they tell Alexandria that she, too will be showing her collection. Heidi seems genuinely disappointed to be sending Helen home, saying that they loved so many of her designs throughout the season but were just too disappointed at what she showed them tonight.

Let's hope that next week the judges can actually eliminate a few people and actually decide on a winner.

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