'The Biggest Loser' Recap: The Conda Show
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: The Conda Show
We are thrown right back into the fire this week in the wake of Adrian getting voted off from the red team. Up until this point, his sister has seemed remarkably subdued by comparison, but Daphne wastes no time after seeing the opposition's verdict letting her feelings known. And entirely unsurprisingly, Conda acts as the mouthpiece defending the team's decision. Conda eloquently makes her points with the class and "talk-to-the-hand" strategies that says more about her tenuous grasp on race relations than it did anything about the competition.

Welcome to the Conda Show

Alright. I've made it clear throughout this season that I've got a lot of problems with the way the producers want to have it both ways. The foundation of the show is based upon tugging at the heartstrings of viewers with these contestant's personal struggles and the show's allegedly philanthropic endeavor to save their lives. While at the same time, they use manipulative tactics that undermine the moral fabric they spend so much time instilling. On a totally unrelated topic, can I interest you in this delicious officially licensed Biggest Loser Simply Sensible dinner? It comes in five different varieties and it's endorsed by Buddy's kids.

This brings us to this week, where a contestant is to be selected by their trainer to go home and receive personalized training. And who might you suspect has Dolvett selected for this obvious privilege? Conda. The producers had clearly identified at this point of filming that they had a standout villain and they wanted to find a way to maximize her impact on screen before she gets voted off for her uncanny ability to look the same each week despite supposedly losing weight.

It's really a masterstroke of reality show production, because they can cover it up by saying that Dolvett wants to make her life a living hell or that going home and being under constant watch is hardly a reward for her abhorrent behavior. Both of which may prove to be the case, but the coincidental nature of the selection only attracts more vitriol toward the show's overt mantras. Worst of all, they have the nerve to expect us to care about Conda's sob story when she gets back home.

Teams Compete for the Sake of the Postal Service

The two teams square off this week to see which group is better prepared to dispose of a corpse when met with numerous obstacles. A lot of the intrigue about this challenge is nullified by Conda and Daphne's weight loss being the only two figures that matter, but the winning team will pick up a pound bonus for their representative. In addition, the winners will receive Valentine's letters from their families that were probably written in December. Most importantly, it enabled the show yet another opportunity to whore it out to an outside enterprise - the postal service. Take the time you save by ignoring the red team reading their letters and donate money to the USPS.

Weighing In

The teams weigh in without a lot of the usual tension because only two people matter, but there is another pound up for grabs for the team that loses the most. The red team has now had two straight weeks working out without Dolvett, but they were confident that the extra week's experience would serve them well this week. It definitely seemed to suit Roy who lost nine pounds despite getting the condescending ire of Mark turned on him earlier in the episode. Kim matches that loss and completes the red team's drubbing of their opponent.

The showdown quality of this week's episode sets up the loser to be the obvious choice to get voted off the ranch. Conda is buoyed with a two pound advantage thanks to the performance of her team, but it's not enough to beat Daphne's whopping 12 pounds. She did lose 10 pounds during the process and it's not as if her dumb team ever needs a reason to keep her around anyway. They vote off Roy, which feels like it's a vote spearheaded by the red team's snake-in-the-grass mastermind, Mark. Roy joins a long list of actual performers the red team has kicked off and seemed like the only decent one left on that team. The red team have weeded off everyone who wasn't in their cartel of snippy friends and now it's time for them to finally show they have what it takes.

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