After 'The Voice': Checking Up on the Stars and Coaches
It's been more than a month since NBC's The Voice wrapped up, which means a lot has happened since. The tour's coming, careers have kicked off, and life outside a reality competition has dawned. 

So how's real life treating our contestants? Read on below.

We also have updates on Christina, Adam, Blake and Cee Lo. Keep scrolling down to catch up with these talents from The Voice.

First up, here's season 1 winner Javier Colon:

"There's been a lot of running around," he says. He was bound to be busy since he was named the winner. He's also been recording and doing plenty of interviews, but it's all for fun.

Next is Beverly McClellan, finalist from Team Christina:

Since The Voice, she's been kicking back at home because she missed her loved ones so much. She's also a little high on Mountain Dew so she's still the rock 'n' roll Beverly we know and admire. And hey, she's dancing!

Here's Casey Weston:

If you want to find her, she says she's in Nashville. Casey's also excited about the tour because there won't be any cameras following them around every step of the way.

Now Vicci Martinez:

Good news for her fans. This lucky lady inked a deal with Universal Republic and an album's on the way.

We've also got runner-up Dia Frampton:

"Since the finale, I've just been writing, writing, writing." That sounds very productive, doesn't it? And despite four albums under her belt, she admits that her life has changed a lot since The Voice.

Frenchie Davis next:

It's all about collaboration and it sounds like a so much is being done with Frenchie's career. She even booked a role in a movie!

Finally, here's the latest on Nakia:

He's had a few shows in Austin and he's been hard at work writing, so we better watch out for more of that. Catch him on the tour too, and we hear there's a duet coming.

About the coaches of The Voice, we dug up a few bits and pieces:
NBC has also announced that The Voice will be back in February. That's right, season 2 will air right after the Super Bowl.

(Image courtesy of NBC)

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