Exclusive Interview with '90210' Star Matt Lanter
Exclusive Interview with '90210' Star Matt Lanter
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
90210 returns tonight after a long break with the first of eight brand new episodes to finish out the show's first season. With an early renewal for season 2, 90210 is looking to expand its cast, and the first big part of that is Liam, the new bad boy played by Matt Lanter. Naomi flirted with him as the hunky bartender at the hotel she was staying at before learning that he's actually just a student.

BuddyTV spoke to Matt Lanter about joining the show this season, as well as the news that he'll be continuing as a series regular for season 2. We also spoke about Liam's relationship with Naomi, how bad this “bad boy” really is, and what other characters he might try to corrupt.

Lanter is no stranger to TV, playing the president's son on Commander-in-Chief and the abusive quarterback of Claire's school on Heroes. Despite joining 90210 midway through, he was pleasantly surprised at how easily he was accepted into the fold. “I really lucked out with the cast and crew,” he said. “Everyone is really cool.”

This on-set camaraderie extends off the screen as well. Lanter, who turns 26 on April 1, said that he'll most likely spend his birthday with a few of his co-stars, hitting the clubs. Though he's a bit older than most of the cast, he's more than happy to continue to play teenagers. He credits his boyish looks to helping him secure teenage roles for several years now.

But don't let his looks deceive you. Liam is a bad boy, and Lanter promised plenty of bad boy antics. In tonight's episode, he's already bringing Naomi into the world of illegal street racing, and that's just the beginning. “I've already been in a couple fights,” Lanter said about his character. However, he was careful not to mention who will be on the other side of his fists.

Liam's bad influence will extend beyond Naomi as the season progresses, with some possible dire consequences. “He's definitely a bad influence, in particular to Dustin Milligan's character.” With the recent news that Milligan won't be returning full-time for season 2, fans have to wonder whether Liam may have something to do with that.

90210 returns tonight at 9pm on the CW.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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