'666 Park Avenue' Recap: Children of the Drake
'666 Park Avenue' Recap: Children of the Drake
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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In the 666 Park Avenue episode "Downward Spiral," Henry plans to ask Jane to marry him. Gavin enlists the help of a nefarious character to help him retrieve his mystery box. Dr. Evans learns what it means to be indebted to Gavin Doran. Jane and Nona make a shocking discovery.

If You Like it You Should Put a Ring on It

Henry meets with Gavin to discuss the conflict going on between himself and Jane. Henry tells Gavin that Jane wants to leave New York. Gavin advises Henry that he should be capitalizing on every career opportunity that comes his way, because he may not get a second chance. He also encourages Henry to do whatever it takes to keep Jane in New York, more specifically, that he should propose. On his way out Henry, runs into Olivia who offers to go shopping with Henry for engagement rings.

Love the One You're With

Brian, who has been staying with a friend, returns to his and Louise's apartment. Alexis is there and informs him that Louise is out of town working. Alexis tells him how sorry she is about what is going on between the couple. Thanks to Alexis' scheming, Brian is convinced that Louise had an affair with Dr. Evans. As a result, he finally sleeps with the cunning and seductive Alexis.

Divine Secrets of The Drake's Supernatural Sisterhood

Nona wakes up in the middle of the night to find her catatonic grandmother Lottie's wheelchair empty, and the old woman missing from the apartment. Nona finds Lottie standing in the hallway. Nona is confused how her grandmother is even able to stand without aid. Nona asks her grandmother what is happening and Lottie responds, "Don't let Jane leave."

The next day Nona confronts Jane at the reception desk and asks her if she is moving out. When Jane tells the girl that she's planning to move back to Indiana, Nona replies that her grandmother told Nona that she can't let Jane leave. Nona tells Jane she's a part of the building, and if Jane runs away, she'll be losing the only person in the building she can trust. Later, Jane has a dream where Nona tells Jane  that Lottie says her granddaughter is a "child of The Drake." This means Nona is connected to the building in a special way. Then she tells Jane that she's special  too. Jane denies it, but then Nona asks her, "How was I able to step inside your dream?" Jane awakes with a start.

A Deal is a Deal

Dr. Evans starts to repay Gavin for his "generosity" by helping Kandinsky escape the hospital. He does this by sewing scalpel into the man's abdomen. Kandinsky removes the surgical tool with some interesting muscle movements. Whatever happened to an old reliable nail file? However, the psychopath murders two people on his way out the door. The doctor calls Gavin and tells him that was not part of the deal and that the blood is on Gavin's hands.Evans also says that his debt is paid in full. Gavin disagrees and lets Evans know that he will determine when their business dealings are done.

Deception at Tiffany's

Henry and Olivia pick out a ring for Jane. Victor Shaw shows up at the jewelry store and approaches Olivia while she is alone. He compares her life with Gavin to that of a bird living in a gilded cage. Shaw asks Olivia if she ever thinks of being free from her husband, and tells her he can help her. Olivia asks Shaw why she would ever consider betraying her husband and he replies, "Because secretly, I think you want to." Olivia asks what she would have to do for him, and Shaw tells her "a simple show of allegiance."

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Questions

Jane goes to Nona's apartment and meets Lottie, who is back in her catatonic state. Nona admits that her grandmother has been like this for several years.Apparently, Lottie had questions of her own regarding the mysterious and sinister apartment building and had been conducting her own investigation of the building. Nona shows Jane a room in her grandmother's apartment that is filled with newspaper articles and other information about The Drake. Nona shows Jane a picture of herself as a young girl in the lobby of the apartment building. Jane says it is impossible, because she didn't leave Indiana until she was a teenager. Nona encourages Jane to stay and figure out her connection to The Drake.

Sealed With a Kiss

Victor Shaw shows up to a charity event held by Olivia and Gavin at Olivia's request. She reapplies her lipstick and approaches Shaw with two glasses of champagne. Shaw seems to think the champagne is poisoned and tells Olivia to offer it to her husband instead---a sign of allegiance. Instead, Olivia kisses him gently on the lips. Seconds later, the man collapses. Olivia asks Dr. Evans to attend to Shaw not realizing that just seconds earlier, he was holding a gun to Gavin's back. Evans is forced to abandon his plan and help Shaw. Gavin tells the doctor he was meant to save lives not take them.

What Big Eyes You Have Grandma

Nona comes to Jane and tells her that her grandmother is missing. They find her standing in the basement, so Lottie grabs Jane's locket and puts it up to her face. Jane realizes her necklace is the missing piece of a puzzle. Her locket unlocks a secret door that exposes a seemingly endless staircase heading downwards.

666 Park Avenue is starting to become weighed down with too many divergent story lines. Since the show is on the cusp of possible cancellation, it seems like a desperate ploy to try and generate viewers at the last minute. The show would benefit from dropping characters like Brian and Louise and spending more time developing more integral characters.

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