'666 Park Avenue' Recap: Truth is Stranger Than Fiction
'666 Park Avenue' Recap: Truth is Stranger Than Fiction
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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Gavin tightens his grip over Henry. A young reporter finds out that anything she writes becomes reality. Olivia and Gavin commemorate a sad event. And Jane receives a warning.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Last week just as Jane made it through the mystery door, it slammed shut, leaving her locked in the room. At first, it appears Jane is trapped in an old room full of primarily indistinguishable junk, with the exception of a large number of old dolls. However, a chorus of nonsensical whisperings fill the space, and Jane catches sight of what she thinks is a little girl. She calls out, but there is no answer. Suddenly, a hand grabs her leg, causing her to panic and beat on the door. Henry comes to the rescue. When Jane tells him what she thinks she saw, he dismisses it as a fluke. Henry also points out that the voice could be coming from the air vent. As the couple head upstairs, we see a little girl hiding in a corner of the basement.

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

Jane wants to ask Gavin for the building's original blueprints. Henry, who is starting to be seduced by Gavin Doran's lifestyle, tries to discourage her. "Maybe it isn't the best idea to tell our landlord, your boss, that you're hammering down walls without his permission," Henry states. "But I do have permission," she argues. "He told me to restore The Drake to its original design, and that is what I'm doing." When she asks Gavin about the plans, he diverts her attention by asking her to keep an eye on Olivia for the day, which is the anniversary of their daughter's death.

Telling Tall Tales

The latest tenant du jour is Annie Morgan (Aubrey Dollar). She is an aspiring journalist stuck writing obituaries. Annie runs into Gavin in the elevator, and he inquires about her career. She tells him she would do anything to get off the obit desk. Those are dangerous words to utter in The Drake. "You're very funny and creative," Gavin tells her. "You should tap into that."

Later that night while writing an obituary, Annie decides to follow Gavin's advice. She takes some creative liberties, which include making the subject, Mr. Diebold, an ex-CIA operative who tracked rogue Soviet agents, including one in particular named Kandinsky. She finds out the next day that what she wrote is now non-fiction. She runs to Gavin to tell him that she made the story up, and he encourages her to not divulge her secret. Annie's editor calls her into his office and expresses reservations about Mr. Diebold's obituary. In spite of this, he asks her to write a profile on the Soviet agent Kandinsky.

Annie writes about Kandinsky, describing him as lethal and fond of torture. As she describes his physical characteristics, a man matching them perfectly arrives at her door. She tries to escape through the bathroom window, but he catches her and drags her from the room.

Under My Thumb

While playing racketball, Henry tells Gavin that he wants to become the chief of staff for Bill Edwards (Clark Johnson), a city councilman. Gavin takes Henry to lunch at his club where they conveniently run into the councilman. Gavin encourages a reluctant Henry to approach Edwards, saying, "You and I are the same. We come from nothing. We had to fight and claw to get what we want in this world." Gavin works to convince Henry to be more ambitious.

Secrets and Lies

Jane and Olivia go to lunch on the anniversary of Olivia's daughter's death. They talk a little girl talk, but then Jane confides in Olivia about her dreams, describing them as "visions." She confides that she's not sure what is real. After lunch, Olivia takes Jane on a hair-raising car ride and admits that her daughter committed suicide. She also tells her that her daughter left a note, a fact she has kept from Gavin for 10 years.

This Wasn't In The Lease

Jane hears a strange noise coming from the basement. She goes to investigate and finds blood streaming down the outside of the no-longer-a-mystery door. She sees a little girl huddled in the corner, who says it's bad in there (presumably the storage room). Jane is surprisingly calm considering the circumstances, which further illustrates she is beginning to question her own sanity. She asks the little girl what's bad, but Gavin appears with the blueprints she requested. The blood and the little girl disappear.

Jane sees the girl again later and she warns Jane, "Don't let him out." Later that same night, Jane hears the same noise she heard earlier. All too eager to go down to the basement in the middle of the night, she spots an old locked suitcase. Inexplicably, she takes it back to her apartment.

Henry is all too eager to please Gavin, especially if it will ensure he gets a firmer foothold on his way to the top. Jane is falling more under the spell of The Drake, finding it difficult to separate truth from fiction and reality from fantasy. However, the fact that none of these paranormal shenanigans has her packing her bags is ridiculously unbelievable.

Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Contributing Writer

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