'666 Park Avenue' Recap: A Dark Legacy
'666 Park Avenue' Recap: A Dark Legacy
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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In the episode "Hypno," Jane finally remembers what happened when she went down the stairs with the help of a mysterious resident. Olivia holds Shaw hostage, hoping to see her daughter. Henry learns Jane could be a career liability.

Close Your Eyes and Count Backwards from 100

At Nona's urging, Jane goes to see fellow Drake resident Maris Elder (Whoopi Goldberg). Jane hopes that the woman can help her remember what happened after she descended the spiral staircase. According to Maris, a retired clinical psychologist with additional intuitive gifts, Jane is suffering from a rare form of amnesia. Maris tells Jane that there is a dark presence haunting The Drake, and it has the ability to "open this door between past and present -- and life and death -- and when you went down that spiral staircase, you crossed a threshold and those memories are locked deep in your mind." However, Maris assures Jane that via hypnosis, she'll be able to unlock the memories.

Hey, Aren't You the Guy with the Crazy Girlfriend?

Gavin pays Henry a visit to let him know that a city council seat might soon be open. Gavin has even taken the liberty of setting up a meeting between Henry and a political consultant, Phillip Perez. Nothing gets an unknown candidate elected faster than voters finding out his girlfriend is acting like a lunatic. So, no big surprise that when Henry goes to meet Perez, the man tells Henry that he saw Jane's file from the time she spent in the hospital. Perez tells Henry his best chance at a future in politics is to end things with Jane.

Will the Prodigal Daughter Return?

Olivia has enlisted the help of Tony the doorman to get Victor Shaw out of The Drake and into a secure location where he can reunite Olivia with Sasha. Olivia tells him he has one hour to make good on his promise, or she is returning him to Gavin and Kandinsky. Little does Olivia know that her husband has installed a tracking device on her phone and has sent his henchman to kill Shaw and bring his wife home. While they are waiting for Sasha, Shaw tells Olivia that he helped her daughter fake her suicide to get back at Gavin for taking his father away. He also claims that Sasha hates Gavin.

Hide and Seek

While hypnotized, Jane finds herself transported to 1927, where she has taken on the persona and appearance of a woman named Libby Griffith. Jane/Libby accompanies her grandmother, Jocelyn, to the Kramer apartment so the girl can find her favorite doll. While inside, they hear Peter Kramer approaching in the midst of a heated argument with another man. Fearing her father will be angry to find herself and Jane/Libby in his office, they hide in a closet. The man with Peter assures him that, "After tonight, whatever we desire will be ours." Jane makes a noise that alerts the men that they are not alone. Jocelyn exposes herself and is escorted out with the stranger, while her father and Jane/Libby, still hiding in the closet, stay behind. Peter hides his journal in the fireplace, and then Jane awakens.

An Unholy Allegiance

Jane leaves Maris' apartment so she can get back before Henry grows suspicious. She told him she was doing laundry. As she enters the elevator with her empty laundry basket, she runs into Gavin, who seems a little too curious about why Jane is on the second floor when the laundry room is in the basement. Jane makes up a very vague excuse about maintenance and quickly exits on her own floor. Gavin look dubious, to say the least.

Later, Gavin shows up outside Maris' apartment. There is a carving on the door that looks similar to the symbols Jane saw drawn in blood on the walls of Julian Walter's hospital room. This marking appears to hold some type of power that prevents Gavin from entering Maris' apartment. It turns out the two have a long and (big surprise) mysterious history. Gavin wants to know what Jane saw when she went down those stairs. Initially unyielding, Maris finally strikes a bargain with Gavin. She will tell him all she knows if he agrees to let her walk out of The Drake in one piece. Apparently, he has been keeping her prisoner in the building for over 20 years. A deal is struck that seems amendable to both.

Dear Diary

Jane meets up with Detective Cooper, and tells him about the hypnotherapy she is doing with Maris. She also tells him that she traveled back in time to October 28, 1927. Jane asked him to find any information he could on Libby Griffith. Turns out Libby died the same night that Jane was there, but who didn't see that one coming? She also tells Cooper that she saw Peter hide the journal in the fireplace, and using a set of current blueprints as a guide, the two decide to search for it. They find the journal, and Jane goes to see Maris. She reads her a passage: "We called forth something terrible tonight. Something I fear we will regret until the grave." Jane asks Maris to take her back one more time.

Not Having a Blast in the Past

When Jane returns to 1927, Peter Kramer is pushing her out of the apartment with Jocelyn and a suitcase. The front doors of the building are locked, and the two are forced to hide when several men appear searching frantically for Jocelyn. Jane/Libby leaves her grandmother tucked away and makes herself known to the men. They kill Jane/Libby. Jane asks Maris if Gavin is aware of any of this, to which she replies,"I'm afraid I have to say goodbye."

The People Under the Stairs

With Olivia nowhere to be seen, Shaw manages to free his arms and gets into a tussle with Tony, during which his gun goes flying across the floor. Unfortunately for Shaw, Olivia reappears, picks up the gun and aims at Shaw. Olivia tells Shaw she doesn't believe he ever called Sasha. Fearing for his life, he lets Olivia call Sasha. When she hears Olivia's voice, she hangs up. Olivia then insists that Shaw take her to her daughter or she'll return him to The Drake. When Olivia enters her daughter's apartment, there is nobody there.

It was nice to finally get some answers about Jane's connection to The Drake. However, the show continues to cram too much plot into too small a time frame.

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