BuddyTV Giveaway: Chance to Win 30 Rock Season 3 on DVD
BuddyTV Giveaway: Chance to Win 30 Rock Season 3 on DVD
I know October sounds like a long time to wait for the season premiere of 30 Rock, but really it's just around the corner. To hold you over, BuddyTV is giving away THREE copies of Season 3 on DVD.

For an Emmy award winning show I wanted to to get the fans involved so I asked my followers on Twitter: What would you do for the DVD? And got some pretty creative ideas. Here are a few:

@Abitnerdy: I'll run around and collect 30 rocks and take a picture of it for u

@Clsbeach: I'd make you a collage of rocks, mosaic if you will, and mail it to you

@Ink1026: I'll write BuddyTV on my forehead and take a picture

@Tvtimepodcast: Unlike Kenneth, I don't know if I'd eat strawberries if I'm allergic to them. lol But maybe if a paramedic was on stand by

While I by no means want you to risk your health for a chance to win, I do want you to be creative so here is what we'll do:

Starting today, to enter to win this DVD you need to send a photo to BuddyTV. There are very few guidelines for the image:

1. It needs to be "G" rated. Keep it appropriate.

2. It should have something to do with the TV show 30 Rock or BuddyTV in general. A picture of you holding up your favorite quote from the show, a cool collage of 30 Rock photos, a funny caption to a screen cap, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure all the information appears directly on the photo. (I give two examples below)

3. You have to make sure BuddyTV sees it. On Twitter: Upload the photo to TwitPic and make sure you @BuddyTV your photo. On BuddyTV.com: Create Graffiti and make sure you share it with user RachelAtBuddyTV. Graffiti creators: Use 30 Rock S3 somewhere in the title so I know it's an entry

4. All photos must be submitted by Tuesday September 29, 2009 by 11:59pm PST

Then, I will create a showdown using the submissions. That's right, you guys will actually determine the three winners! User names for the entries will be removed for voting. The showdown will be posted on Wednesday September 30, 2009. To find the showdown I will add the link to this article as well as on a brand-new follow up article. Winners will be determined on Monday October 5, 2009.

To review how to enter:
Step 1: Take (or create) an image that is "G" rated
Step 2: Tag @BuddyTV or share it with RachelAtBuddyTV
Step 3: Vote for a winner

What are you waiting for? 30 Rock Season Three is loaded with tons of special features like deleted scenes, commentary, behind the scenes, the season finale table read, and so much more.

Examples of contest entries:

Made using BuddyTV Graffiti: 

tina fey pic2.jpg
Created and posted on TwitPic: 

I Want to go to there.jpg

For complete terms and conditions click here.

-Rachel Cameron, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of Universal Studios Home Entertainment)