'30 Rock' Star Jane Krakowski Offers Nightlife Tips
'30 Rock' Star Jane Krakowski Offers Nightlife Tips
Jane Krakowski has some advice for your next night out on the town. The star of 30 Rock and Ally McBeal recently sat down with me to talk about her favorite nights out - and how to improve yours.
The actress is one of several NBC Universal celebrities who are participating in a new series of vignettes that, according to press materials, "offers a sneak peek inside an exclusive nightlife hotspot and shows what it takes to have your best night ever."

The other participants include Bravo exec/TV personality Andy Cohen (Watch What Happens Live), E! host Giuliana Rancic (Giuliana & Bill), and Tim Meadows (Saturday Night Live).

Given the topic of the vignettes, I chatted with Jane about some of the favorite nights out that she's had, her advice for improving our own evening plans, and what she'd like to see for her character Jenna Maroney in the upcoming final season of 30 Rock.

You can watch the video interview below.

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