30 Rock: Season 3 Premiere, "Do-Over" Preview
30 Rock: Season 3 Premiere, "Do-Over" Preview
The TV season began long ago, in the warmer days of September.  Yet, one of the most beloved and little-watched comedies on television has yet to grace us with its presence.  This changes tonight, when 30 Rock takes its rightful place on NBC's Thursday night line-up.  30 Rock returns to its 9:30pm time slot tonight, a spot that was taken over by the special prime-time editions of Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update for the past three weeks.  30 Rock star Tina Fey has become a national rock star thanks to her portrayal of Governor Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live during the campaign season.  NBC is hoping that Fey's new-found visibility will translate to improved ratings for the series which, despite universal praise from critics, has yet to find a solid audience.

Tonight's premiere, entitled “Do-Over,” focuses on Liz Lemon's desire, which she made known in last season's finale, to adopt a child.  Guest star Megan Mullally plays a representative from the adoption agency Liz has applied to.  To better get a feel for how ready Lemon is to care for a child of her own, Mullally follows Liz around for a day at her job.  Hijinks ensue.  Meanwhile, Jack Donaghy is back from his dalliance in Washington D.C. with the government.  He attempts to get his old job back by climbing the corporate ladder, a feat he accomplished once before.  However, this proves more difficult than Jack imagined.  He is forced to find an alternate route to the top.  Tracy Jordan is celebrating the success of the porn computer game he created, and has a difficult time rewarding the colleagues who helped make the game a reality.

The premiere has been available for viewing on line since last week.  You can watch it here on BuddyTV:

Full Episode: 30 Rock Season 3 Premiere - “Do-Over”

I reviewed the episode last week.  You can read that here:

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The episode might slightly disappoint fans.  The episode isn't up to the standard of greatness set last season, though I suspect that Tina Fey and company take a few episodes to warm up each year.  It's worth watching, nonetheless – a mediocre 30 Rock episode is still better than most of the comedy out there.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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