'30 Rock' Fan Columnist: Love Triangles, Racism and Awkward Dodgeball Matches
'30 Rock' Fan Columnist: Love Triangles, Racism and Awkward Dodgeball Matches
...just another day for the TGS gang.

This time both Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy were struggling with their love lives.  

Jack attempted to juggle his relationships with Avery Jessup (played by returning guest star Elizabeth Banks), host of the CNBC show Hot Box, and his childhood friend and former flame, Nancy Donovan (played by another returning guest star, Julianne Moore), a Bostonian recently divorced who was visiting Jack in New York City for a few days. He spent romantic time with the both of them on his birthday; however the fate of his love life, and his final decision between the two, remains up in the air. 

On the other front, Liz engaged in yet another attempt for love that was destined for certain failure: joining a singles group and participating in matchmaking activities, such as dodgeball. After divulging some of her failed romantic exploits with Jenna Maroney, Jenna kindly offered to attend some of these group sessions to help steer Liz in the right direction. 

Donaghy, having given himself to Avery for a birthday dinner and unable to bear the thought of Nancy eating dinner alone, asked Liz to bring Nancy along with her to one of her group dating sessions. It turned out to be the right decision after all; Nancy was able to inspire Liz to change her cynical point of view and actually go for the man whom she bludgeoned with a dodgeball after he made what seemed to be an advance on her - only to realize he spoke limited English and believed the group dating session was, in fact, an AA meeting. Despite this, Liz remained a positive outlook on her situation. 

Meanwhile, Tracy Jordan, not one to go an episode without causing some sort of trouble, assertively declared that racism was re-emerging in the public consciousness, a fact that Toofer scoffed at. As a result, Toofer was sucked into a quest to prove that his being hired as a writer on TGS was not an act of racial favoritism, a quest that ended in him quitting his job. (He was, however, re-hired by Liz in the cute end-credits episode ender.) 
Best Quotes:

Liz walks into Jack Donaghy's office dressed for both a dodgeball game and an ambush. Jack's comment on her ridiculous getup: 

"You look like a prison weed dealer." 
Jack discusses the complexities of his romantic predicament with lovers Avery and Nancy with Liz and jabs her with another zinger:  

"Lemon, the grown-up dating world is like your haircut: awkward triangles occur." 
Tracy Jordan remains defensive about his views on the resurgence of racism. He's even taken precautions to further his stance: 

"I've learned the word 'black' in every language so I know when to be offended!" 
Avery Jessup is impressed by the black-tie gala event that Jack has brought her to. She muses:  

"You always know you're at the right party when you think the Riddler's about to attack." 
Nancy is providing Liz Lemon with love advice, but even Nancy is second-guessing the value of her counsel:  

"The last time I used a birth control device, it was the 70's, and it looked like soap on a rope." 

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-Sandra L, BuddyTV Fan Columnist