Comic-Con Interview: Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv on the Final Season of 'Fringe'
Comic-Con Interview: Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv on the Final Season of 'Fringe'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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During the Fringe panel at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, there was crying. Fortunately, however, the tears stopped before it was time for interviews -- check out videos of Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv to hear their thoughts on the final season of Fringe.

As we go into Fringe season 5, two characters seem to have truly inseparable fates: Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) and Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson). So we just had to put their interviews together.

First up, we've got a very cheerful Joshua Jackson:

  • The white thing thrown by Joshua Jackson at the beginning of the video was a tissue. The actor was indicating that he had not -- unlike most of his co-stars -- started crying at any point that day.
  • Every intelligent actor is a huge fan of science fiction when at Comic-Con. Not that I don't believe Jackson's assertion... I'm just saying.
  • "Too far into the geek" is a phrase that should catch on.
  • Do you get the impression that Joshua Jackson admires John Noble maybe a little?
  • "Maybe that's our greatest accomplishment -- it's John Noble."
  • One must definitely qualify your statements when one mentions being happy at the end of a series.
  • As if Jackson needed anymore geek cred... This is exactly why I have not read the Game of Thrones books. Waiting for new episodes of the TV show is bad enough. 
  • Sorry about the swearing at 2:00. It's not like you can tell these stars what to say.
  • It is pretty shocking that Fringe gets a solid ending, when you think about it.
  • Now that there's no point in criticizing Fringe, they'd just better do well with season 5.

Moving on to Anna Torv, prepare for at least a little more emotion.

  • Does Anna Torv's Australian accent always surprise anyone else, no matter how often it's heard?
  • It is hard to recall thinking about the alternate universe as a daring, weird thing. It just seems business-as-usual at this point on Fringe.
  • Which do you prefer: resolution or closure?
  • I always wonder why producers don't give actors full information on their characters. It seems counter-productive. Or maybe this is my inexperience talking.
  • Did you figure out that season 4 began in the original timeline (only without Peter)?
  • It must feel like a luxury to play only one part on Fringe.

Fringe season 5 returns to FOX on Fridays at 9pm in the fall.

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