10 Items or Less: Still Worth Checking Out
10 Items or Less: Still Worth Checking Out
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
It may not be one of the best comedies on television, but it's still around for a reason.  10 Items or Less is a partially improvised comedy about a rural Ohio grocery store called Greens and Grains that has managed to skate around for a few seasons, somewhat unnoticed, and still managed to avoid the ax.

John Lehr plays the goofy manager of a small grocery store trying to deal with the corporate mega-store known as Super Value Mart, kind of like a more blue-collar Michael Scott from The Office.  Also included are Jennifer Elise Cox, who plays Leslie's former schoolmate who is now the manager of Green and Grain's number 1 competitor Super Value Mart, Kirsten Gronfield, who portrays a quirky yet soft-spoken customer service representative, Roberta Valderrama, who appears as the aggressive Yolanda Nelson and Greg Davis Jr., who plays an ambitious checkout bagger, just to name a few.
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Currently in its third season, 10 Items or Less returned on our small screens yesterday with the episode called “Turkey Bowling,” a perfect indication of what the rest of the season could offer.  In the opener, Leslie (John Lehr) made the mistake of ordering way more frozen turkey than the store actually needs so the crew had to come up with an interesting way to use the extra poultry. The funny idea: frozen turkeys, plus grape sodas, plus long store aisles equals turkey bowling.  It even came to a point where they had to compete with rival Super Value Mart at the new sport.

For some, this may look like another hit-and-miss season of occasionally inspired humor surrounded by generally boring characters in an overall mediocre show.  It also doesn't help that the rest of the cast isn't arguably as good as its lead.  On the other hand, 10 Items or Less offers more than a few laughs per episode with lead star John Lehr alone making the show worth a try.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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