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#50 Tricia Helfer, Battlestar Galactica

Number Six stood by Baltar’s side until the very end and beyond, and Helfer’s heat even landed her safely on a few episodes of Burn Notice as another very bad girl.


#49 Bethany Joy Galeotti, One Tree Hill

Who doesn’t want to date a female rock star? While Galeotti might play a doting mom and wife for most of the show, this season she got her groove back, slapping another woman and returning to the stage to reclaim her hotness.


#48 Tamara Taylor, Bones

On screen Tamara Taylor portrays the no-nonsense frill-less Dr. Cam Saroyan. In person, Tamara possesses the kind of soft flawless beauty that makes you clutch your chest and wonder if she travels with her own perfect lighting crew.


#47 Stephanie Jacobsen, Melrose Place

From a duplicitous traitor on Terminator to a med student by day, prostitute by night on Melrose Place, Jacobsen surely spent 2009 covering all her bases to ensure her sex appeal.


#46 Mountaha Ayoub, Make Me a Supermodel

Make Me A Supermodel’s last girl standing may be a little bit rock and roll, but this Brazilian babe was also all gorgeous.


#45 Melissa Rycroft, The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars

Melissa won hearts as the bubbly fiancee turned scorned woman on last season’s Bachelor, but she really turned our heads with her fit physique (and revealing outfits) on Dancing with the Stars.


#44 Emily Deschanel, Bones

Emily Deschanel may not be a conventional beauty, but she is a rare one. Porcelain skin, captivating ice blue eyes, and a warm mischievous smile elevate her above the boring-blonde, tanorexic beauty standards of modern Hollywood.


#43 Gillian Jacobs, Community

As Community develops over its first season, we’ve seen Jacobs’ character transform from the simple object of Jeff’s affection into a weird, slightly crazy and wacky character of her own, allowing us to better understand what he sees in her.


#42 Ali Larter, Heroes

Many remember Ali Larter from her glory days of the whipped cream bikini in Varsity Blues, but currently she’s ice cold hot playing Tracy Strauss on Heroes. I don’t know how many times we’ve thought Ali Larter was killed off of Heroes, but we’re glad she’s still around.


#41 AnnaLynne McCord, 90210

The sexy Naomi became the real star of 90210 in season 2, and AnnaLynne has the perfect look to dominate the world of 20 and 30-year-olds playing high school kids.


#40 Cameron Richardson, Harper’s Island

Every horror movie needs a blonde bombshell to run and scream and look fantastic, and for Harper’s Island, that role was perfectly filled.


#39 Leighton Meester, Gossip Girl

On Gossip Girl, she’s the prim, proper and powerful Blair, whose natural beauty and hidden wild side are strong enough to hook the great Chuck Bass. Off screen, she’s branching out into a music career, complete with steamy videos and skin-tight ensembles. Either way, we love looking at Leighton!


#38 Elizabeth Mitchelll, Lost and V

Elizabeth Mitchell is probably best known in 2009 for her role as Juliet Burke, the woman who tamed wild boy Sawyer on Lost. She’s now playing one of TV’s sexiest mothers on ABC’s V.


#37 Erica Cerra, Eureka

Deputy Lupo might seem hard as nails, but in 2009 she softened a bit and showed a sexier side.


#36 Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ghost Whisperer

Jennifer Love Hewitt has had a great year. Not only is The Ghost Whisperer in its fifth season but Hewitt also scraped into the top 10 of Maxim’s Hot 100. There’s no denying, Hewitt’s looking better every year.


#35 Jennifer Morrison, House

Dr. Cameron finally left Princeton-Plainsboro, but not before getting to be put front and center again, reminding us how much we missed her for the past two years.


#34 Karen Hauer, So You Think You Can Dance

Karen Hauer’s sex appeal is so potent she’s well on her way to turning Adam Shankman straight.


#33 Anna Paquin, True Blood

Anna Paquin isn’t a traditional beauty but her smoldering role as Sookie Stackhouse on HBO’s True Blood definitely caught our attention. Season 3 will air June of 2010 and Anna Paquin will be back to enchant us with her infectious smile.


#32 Rebecca Romijn, Eastwick

After playing a transsexual on Ugly Betty, Romijn moved on to whip up some magic on Eastwick. A lot of teen girls would say she was lucky to play a woman who bagged Kyle XY hottie Matt Dallas. But we all know he was the lucky one.


#31 Kayla Ewell, The Vampire Diaries

The male vampires on this show might look like they stepped out of an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog, but when Vicki was turned, Kayla Ewell proved that lady vamps are just as foxy.


#30 Maggie Siff, Sons of Anarchy

Tara was supposed to be the good girl who helped turn Jax away from his life of crime, but instead, Maggie Siff got hot and dirty in season 2, shooting guns, kicking some butt and turning into one hot biker chick.


#29 Michaela Conlin, Bones

Conlin has the sweetest face and the kindest expressions, but don’t let her niceness fool you. She’s fiercely hot and has gotten more action at the Jeffersonian than anyone else.


#28 Dichen Lachman, Dollhouse

It’s hard not to be entranced by Lachman’s exotic, bird-like features and natural elegance as Sierra on Dollhouse, and whenever the Nepal-born actress adds in her native Australian accent, we’re under her spell all over again.


#27 Shantel VanSanten, One Tree Hill

Coming into a show this well-established is hard, but Shantel did it beautifully with her attractive but vulnerable performance.


#26 Erica Durance, Smallville

Lois Lane finally grew into the woman we know and love in 2009, falling for Clark Kent and struggling between being the doting girl in love and the tough independent chick. Durance found the perfect balance.


#25 Gabrielle Anwar, Burn Notice

Burn Notice has already been renewed for its fourth season and we couldn’t be happier. Not only is it an amazing show but that means we’ll be seeing a lot more of Gabrielle Anwar’s Fi.


#24 Stana Katic, Castle

Stana Katic has amazing bone structure and sparkles on the red carpet. We hope they give her character Kate Beckett on Castle more drop-dead-gorgeous sequences.


#23 Reshma Shetty, Royal Pains

This Indian beauty stole the show on USA’s breakout series as a proper and very alluring physician’s assistant.


#22 Mary-Louise Parker, Weeds

Mary-Louise Parker is easily TV’s hottest MILF. This season of Weeds might’ve had Nancy Botwin dressed with a baby bump but she continued to be the sexiest mom on the block.


#21 Eva Longoria Parker, Desperate Housewives

What is it about Eva Longoria Parker that we can’t get enough of? Is it the perfect hair? The finely tuned petite body? The big brown eyes? Take your pick because we like the whole package.


#20 Jessica Capshaw, Grey’s Anatomy

This cute and loveable children’s specialist grew into one sexy lady-loving doctor.


#19 Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck

The only thing hotter than Yvonne Strahovski on Chuck is Yvonne Strahovski in person. Did you know she has the most bewitching Australian accent and nearly flawless features? This is one blonde bombshell we just can’t ignore.


#18 Evangeline Lilly, Lost

Evangeline Lilly has incredible talent for making ‘island wear’ relaxed fit jeans look sexy. Lilly looks best when she looks like she could kick our asses.


#17 Cote de Pablo, NCIS

This Chilean-American has captivated us for years and just never gets enough attention. Cote de Pablo is a strong, beautiful woman who we’d love to see a lot more of.


#16 Anna Torv, Fringe

#16 Anna Torv, Fringe Never underestimate an Aussie blonde on a mission. Anna Torv broke onto the scene last year in the lead role on J.J. Abrams’ newest mind-bender Fringe. We don’t care what dimension you’re talking about, Torv is a stunning beauty with the kindest face we’ve ever seen.


#15 Anastasia Griffith, Trauma and Damages

From a dreary legal thriller to a medical drama, Anastasia Griffith had a strong year that will hopefully lead to better things for this up-and-coming hottie.


#14 Eliza Dushku, Dollhouse

There’s a reason Joss hired Eliza to play the object of so many male fantasies on Dollhouse. Her stunning features and killer body ensure she can inflict pleasure and pain in equal measure, making her an all-around fan-boy favorite.


#13 Cassidy Freeman, Smallville

This red-headed villainess helped make Smallville even more exciting by kicking butt and not staying clueless. It’s impossible to resist a woman who can defend herself.


#12 Katee Sackhoff, Battlestar Galactica

The word statuesque was created to describe Katee Sackhoff. This blonde bombshell looks like she could bench press you, which would be worth the embarrassment, because at least she would be touching you.


#11 Kaley Cuoco, The Big Bang Theory

We’re still not entirely sure why a woman as hot as Kaley Cuoco would choose to hang out with a bunch of nerds, but for their sake, and the sake of geeky guys everywhere, we appreciate it.


#10 Joanna Krupa, Dancing with the Stars

Partnered with Derek Hough, Joanna Krupa helped move from model to hot dancer with a sexy Lambada and other steamy performances.


#9 Blake Lively, Gossip Girl

This tall, blond and buxom star is cleavage-deep in scandal and scantily-clad every week on Gossip Girl. While drama-prone Serena certainly is sexy, Blake’s laid-back attitude and sense of humor off-screen are the gift inside an already pretty package.


#8 Lindsay Price, Eastwick

We love a lady who looks great in glasses. Lindsay Price sizzles as the sexy Joanna Frankel on ABC’s Eastwick. We’re bewitched by her.


#7 Summer Glau, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Glau finished out her stint on Terminator hotter than ever, and she remained one of sci-fi’s hottest babes guest starring on The Big Bang Theory and Dollhouse.


#6 Jayma Mays, Glee

Jayma Mays’ look is more sweet than sexy, but we still can’t get enough of this fair-skinned, freckled redhead. This quirky cutie makes us understand why some men refer to redheads as “She Rubies.” Jayma certainly sparkles.


#5 Cat Deeley, So You Think You Can Dance

If she weren’t so fricking adorable, it would be easy to hate Cat Deeley for her mile-long legs and model figure. But what makes Cat Deeley such a sexy standout is she’s more than just a pretty face. As the hostess of So You Think You Can Dance, Cat carries herself with the kind of goofy grace that makes women want to be her BFF and men want to take her home to meet Mom.


#4 Olivia Wilde, House

The hottest doctor on TV isn’t at Seattle Grace, she’s the enigmatic 13 on House. Playing a bisexual doctor is hot enough, but when she looks like Olivia Wilde, it’s a real jaw dropper.


#3 Sofia Vergara, Modern Family

Sofia Vergara is 37-years-old. That’s important because she’s a million times hotter than girls half her age, and nothing can stop her sex appeal.


#2 Katie Cassidy, Melrose Place and Harper’s Island

2009 was a coming out year for Katie Cassidy, starring on two TV shows and cementing herself as one of the sexiest women on television. As a cutthroat publicist on Melrose Place, Cassidy easily stands a cut above the rest.


#1 January Jones, Mad Men

Bringing old school Hollywood glamour back to the mainstream, January Jones not only has one of the coolest names on TV, but she’s also the most stunningly beautiful woman around. Don Draper is a fool to cheat on this perfect woman.


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