#100 Kara DioGuardi, American Idol

The new judge made quite a scene, either going down below the judges’ table with Paula, doting on a singer’s “artistry,” or, as she did in the finale, squaring off against Bikini Girl by showing off her own bikini-clad body.


#99 Tina Fey, 30 Rock

In the real world, there’s no way a woman as gorgeous, funny and into meatball subs as Liz Lemon would stay single for long. There’s no denying Tina Fey’s snarky sex appeal–even if 30 Rock tries to every week.


#98 Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Entourage and Ugly Betty

Whether she’s hooking up with Turtle or convincing Daniel to join a cult, little Meadow Soprano is growing up and making her mark all over TV.


#97 Courtney Cox, Cougar Town

We loved Courtney Cox on Friends but she never got to show off her sexy side. Now, on Cougar Town, she shows it often and we love it. Coutrney Cox is hot and incredibly believable as a cougar who can bag 20-somethings on a whim.


#96 Sara Ramirez, Grey’s Anatomy

Her character is possibly the most confident person on TV, and whether she’s sassing the Chief about how she builds limbs like God or just throwing her equally sexy girlfriend a surprise party, Ramirez is one fine specimen of a woman.

 Sara Ramirez, Greys Anatomy

#95 Andrea Anders, Better Off Ted

Anders was the kind of quirky, clueless charm and appeal that makes her great as both a comedic actress and Veridian Dynamics’ resident hottie.


#94 Natalie Pack, America’s Next Top Model

Natalie certainly wouldn’t be nominated for Miss Congeniality, but this list is about sexiness. And Natalie Pack is one of the most sultry beauties to ever grace ANTM. She may not be angelic, but she is Angel hot.


#93 Holly Hunter, Saving Grace

Even at 51, Hunter has the energy of a young woman and a ferocity that helps make her sexually-charged detective one hot and feisty gal.


#92 Krysten Ritter, Breaking Bad

A good girl gone bad, Ritter’s character got hooked up with a drug dealer and wound up dead, but her quirky, off-beat beauty helped make the ride a little more fun.


#91 Sonya Walger, FlashForward

Lost’s Penny has moved on the play doctor and possibly cheat on her husband in the future in this bold and confusing new show. She’s hoping to avoid her flash forward, but if we were the other man, we’d be desperate to make it happen.


#90 Alana de la Garza, Law & Order

This spicy assistant is always ready for a fight, and with four seasons, she’s the third most senior cast member on this endless franchise.


#89 Sprague Grayden, 24

In the real world we get Chelsea Clinton and the party-loving Bush twins. On 24, we got the sexy and scheming Sprague Grayden as the First Daughter, and she was willing to do anything to get her way.


#88 Katherine Moennig, Three Rivers

For those that don’t know Katherine Moennig from The L Word, it might be hard to describe her beauty. Her ambiguously strong features take a while to get used to but as soon as you do, you’ll recognize her as one of the most attractive women in the world… to anyone.


#87 Maggie Lawson, Psych

Shawn Spencer’s fake psychic skills are based on his keen observational abilities, so why can’t he see that the smoking hot policewoman in front of him is secretly crazy for him?


#86 Jessica Szohr, Gossip Girl

College has been good to Jess, whose character Vanessa ditched her stuffy Brooklyn morals for some down and dirty co-ed action on Gossip Girl, and came out of her infamous threesome more confident and come-hither than ever.


#85 Anna Camp, True Blood

A preacher’s wife is supposed to be saintly and virginal. But Anna Camp‘s version on True Blood was willing to throw away her marriage for some alone time with Jason Stackhouse. We don’t blame her, nor do we blame him for giving up religious devotion for some bath time fun.


#84 Jennifer Carpenter, Dexter

Michael C. Hall was smart to snatch up this statuesque redhead for his wife, even if she does play his sister on TV. Not only is she beautiful, but if she’s anything like the foul-mouthed and dedicated Deb in real life, we’d be smitten too.


#83 Rashida Jones, Parks and Recreation

After moving on from The Office Rashida found a nice home at Parks and Recreation as the gorgeous Ann, the object of affection for nearly every guy on the show.

 Rashida Jones, Parks and Recreation

#82 Eliza Coupe, Scrubs

J.D. called Coupe’s intern Jo, an ode to the tomboyish character from The Facts of Life. But to us, Coupe is all woman, just a very assertive a no-nonsense one.


#81 Beth Riesgraf, Leverage

As the tomboyish expert thief in a group of con artists, Riesgraf has a definite charm and appeal that makes her hot in a sexy cocktail dress or in a football jersey drinking a beer.

 Beth Riesgraf, Leverage

#80 Sophia Bush, One Tree Hill

Brooke Davis grew up in 2009 and with a solid relationship, Bush reached new heights of romance. If only her character could stop self-sabotaging.


#79 Karina Smirnoff, Dancing with the Stars

After being burdened with Steve Wozniak in season 8, the sexy Karina paired with Aaron Carter for season 9, and while he wasn’t exactly a fan favorite, her skimpy outfits and hot moves help get him pretty far.


#78 Tyra Banks, America’s Next Top Model

Tyra made headlines this year when she dropped 30 pounds and ditched her weave for her natural ‘do, and after watching her strut on ANTM cycle 13, we have to say: au naturale est quelle jolie on Tyra!


#77 Julie Benz, Dexter

Rita’s meteoric rise from homely girlfriend to smokin’ hot wife may have peaked in season 4, as even the addition of a new baby has only amplified Benz’s charms as Dexter’s glowing, purring, and unsuspecting wife.


#76 Sarah Lancaster, Chuck

Once a blonde but now a sexy brunette, Sarah Lancaster rocks her role as Chuck’s older sister Ellie on NBC’s Chuck. Ellie might be uptight and not-fun but Sarah is an experienced jazz and funk dancer and we’d hang out with this cutie any day.


#75 Connie Britton, Friday Night Lights

Connie Britton plays Tami Taylor on Friday Night Lights. Tami’s one half of television’s healthiest marriage. Connie is confident, sexy and our favorite cougar (sorry Courtney Cox).


#74 Dianna Agron, Glee

The word lovely may have been created to describe Dianna Argon. Her porcelain skin and blonde hair evoke visions of Grace Kelley and other timeless beauties.


#73 Sarah Wayne Callies, Prison Break

Prison Break may be over, but Sarah Wayne Callies remains in our hearts. People loved Sarah’s character so much that she was consistently brought back to life. She was the perfect pairing for Wentworth Miller’s Michael Scofield because she easily rivaled his natural beauty.


#72 Candice Accola, The Vampire Diaries

Cheerleaders are always a good bet, and even though her character is dumber than a box of rocks, she still steamed up the screen with Ian Somerhalder.


#71 Lizzy Caplan, Party Down

As a stand-up comedian with a catering day job, Lizzy Caplan replaced Jenna Fischer as TV’s most desirable co-worker.


#70 Hayden Panettiere, Heroes

Hayden has been growing up before our eyes and she’s truly developed into a beautiful young woman. Going off to college and experimenting with lesbianism only made her indestructible cheerleader even more alluring.


#69 Jessica Stroup, 90210

This dark-haired beauty broke onto the scene in 2008 with The CW’s remake of the classic 90210. As if the status of the remake wasn’t enough pressure, Stroup also has the added pressure of playing Erin Silver, sister of the legendary Kelly Taylor. Luckily, her cool looks captured the attention of the nation.


#68 Heidi Klum, Project Runway

We’re impressed with Heidi Klum’s amazing talent of losing baby weight. Or even her talent for looking hot even while pregnant. Klum never goes out of style.


#67 Chyler Leigh, Grey’s Anatomy

The cute little Lexipedia has grown into a real woman, thanks to the fact that she’s been able to tame the wild McSteamy. It might seem illogical, but based on Chyler’s sly sexiness, we get why he gave up his man-whoring ways.

 Chyler Leigh, Greys Anatomy

#66 Jenna Fischer, The Office

Over the years, Pam has blossomed, and we’re not just talking about the promotion, the baby, and the wedding. As her character gets happier, Jenna Fischer just seems to get hotter, which is just another reason why we wish The Office’s newlyweds a happily ever after.


#65 Jamie Ray Newman, Eastwick and Eureka

Whether she was wooing Sheriff Carter on Eureka or manipulating the Earth on Eastwick, Jamie Ray Newman spent 2009 turning men into putty in her hands.


#64 Cobie Smulders, How I Met Your Mother

What’s hotter than a gal who can hang with the guys? Cobie Smulders‘ gun-toting, beer-drinking, maple-leaf-loving jokester Robin is the only girl whose killer combo of looks and awesome could tie down Barney Stintson. Nuff said.


#63 Jessica Lucas, Melrose Place

On Melrose Place, Jessica Lucas plays a kindergarten teacher who gets discovered by a fashion designer and becomes a model. Normally this would be absurd, but since Jessica Lucas looks hotter than most models, we’ll go along with it.


#62 Christina Hendricks, Mad Men

If the phrase “va va va voom” ever comes back in fashion, you can thank Christina Hendricks for that. Case in point? Her curves are so potent, she makes the accordion look like the sexiest instrument man has ever made.


#61 Monica Raymund, Lie to Me

On Lie to Me, she plays a “natural” at deception detection, but Raymund, the daughter of a Jewish father and Dominican mother, is also a natural stunner. Who could lie to those big brown eyes?


#60 Jeanine Mason, So You Think You Can Dance

Men across America are lining up for dance classes after realizing gorgeous goofballs like Jeanine Mason could be found at their local dance studios. And you can hardly blame them. Jeanine is one part sex-kitten, one part comedienne, and all-parts stunning.


#59 Morena Baccarin, V

Morena Baccarin’s beauty is haunting, which is perhaps why she was cast as Anna in ABC’s new V. If you’ve never seen her in person, it’s hard to imagine that a woman that gorgeous really exists. Trust us, she does.


#58 Emily Procter, CSI: Miami

We admit, our crush on Emily Procter started back in her days in the steam pipe trunk distribution venue on The West Wing. To the credit of her lasting beauty, our crush has only grown with her role as CSI Miami’s ballistics expert Calleigh Duquesne. Emily’s pale prettiness is enough to eclipse even the steamiest Miami sun.


#57 Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries

Bella and Sookie can have their vampires, because TV has a new indecisive, introverted girl looking for some vampiric love.


#56 Ana Ortiz, Ugly Betty

Betty’s sister isn’t ugly at all, and even though she doesn’t get nearly as much screen time as she should, Ortiz heats up the TV, making every man, from gentle politicians to wild bad boys, fall in love with her.


#55 Lea Michele, Glee

Rachel Berry might not be the most popular girl at William McKinley High School on FOX’s Glee, but Lea Michele is having a breakout year. She not only has a show-stopping voice, but she also looks gorgeous on the red carpet.


#54 Emily VanCamp, Brothers & Sisters

Emily VanCamp possesses that incredible ability to look like the girl next door. Well, correction: the hot girl next door. She has played Rebecca Harper on Brothers & Sister for four years so far but she’s most often recognized for her role as Amy Abbott on The WB’s Everwood.


#53 Allison Mack, Smallville

Mack may have been sidelined as Clark’s go-to gal in favor of Lois Lane for much of 2009, but what she lacked in screen time, she made up for in cool bad-ass gadgetry and techno savvy.


#52 Amanda Righetti, The Mentalist

Amanda Righetti may play a rookie on The Mentalist, but there’s nothing amateur about Amanda’s hotness. She looks like Julia Roberts circa Pretty Woman but less sweet and more sexy.


#51 Joanna Garcia, Privileged and Gossip Girl

No matter what CW show she’s on, Joanna Garcia is endlessly watchable and glamorous. We only wish she and her beauty got the audience she deserves.


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