On the season premiere of Scrubs, we got a glimpse of a very pregnant Sarah Chalke portraying the mother of J.D.’s baby.  She’s actually due sometime this month, following the news of fellow series star Judy Reyes recent delivery.  But while 33-year-old Canadian actress is expecting a boy soon, what exactly can we expect about her character?

Sarah Chalke talked to DVR Playground about her return to the ninth season of Scrubs, discussing what’s in store for the on-screen couple.  She claims she’ll be back for a few more episodes in the future, and is excited about how her story will unfold.  The actress also revealed the gender J.D. and Elliot’s baby, which is definitely something to look forward to.

Possible spoilers below!

“I’m signed on for four episodes and when I do return Elliot will get to be involved with both J.D. and the hospital,” Chalke explained.  “Which is great, because the new cast is fantastic.”

Though her real-life pregnancy was written into the show, the whole story doesn’t end there.  We mentioned earlier that the star’s expecting a son, but as for J.D. and Elliot?

“For Elliot and J.D. it’s a girl, for me it’s a boy,” Sarah Chalke revealed.  She even talked about names she wouldn’t really want to give the baby.

“In terms of names, nothing has been picked out for both Elliot or myself, which is a problem because the [real-life] baby is coming in a few weeks and is due on Christmas.  Although I feel like it would be very-J.D-like to choose “JD Jr.” even though personally I’m very anti-junior!”

Elliot will certainly have to balance her time between working in the hospital and caring for the baby once it’s out, but Sarah Chalke remains optimistic about the whole season.  Scrubs has, after all, cheated cancellation several times before.

She said, “Scrubs was the best job I’ve ever had by far and after-season-after-season of “Oh God it’s Over!” it’s really kind of cool that the show gets to live on.”

Source: DVR Playground
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