'The Voice' Season 8: Top 10 Performance Rankings

At this stage of the game, the top talent begins to seriously rise to the top. Song choice is crucial for displaying each artist's strengths as a vocalist. Everyone at this level is wildly talented, so it's those little mistakes -- the flat note, the early start to a verse, the inability to emote sufficiently as the song requires -- that can derail a contestant's chances. Kimberly Nichole has shown us how to let her artist flag fly. She puts her all into her performances. Koryn and India both had good song choices, but the difference in their performances is all about passion. Sawyer, Corey and Joshua had unfortunate song choices in this round. Hopefully, America votes on each artist's body of work. Here are our rankings of the Top 10 performances.

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By Catherine Cabanela on Tuesday, April 21, 2015
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Talk About 'The Voice' Season 8: Top 10 Performance Rankings