Bite Into Summer: The 10 Best Shark Flicks

Summer is coming in hot and we all know that this season brings great weather, long days at the beach, skinny dipping with the local babes and a lot of times swimming in the open sea. No one could disagree with summer being everyone’s favorite time of year; it’s just not possible. But despite these fun-filled flashes of ecstasy, we often forget about the ominous and colossal monsters darting around the ocean floor. Of course, these beasts are the man-eaters of the deep abyss, the most badass fish of all time. Everyone knows they’re sharks. Now sit back, relax and thank God you’re not in the water surrounded by these bloodthirsty machines.

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By Landon Beamer on Friday, June 06, 2014
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Talk About Bite Into Summer: The 10 Best Shark Flicks