Opposites Attract a Million

Season 2, Episode 37 -  Air Date: 8/17/2011
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Daniella Lopez from La Harbra, CA and Celia McCarty from New Carlisle, IN continue in their quest to try and win a million dollars. Eager to play, the take on the "Play It By Ear" challenge where they must arrange eight soda cans that vary in amounts of pennies in them from least amount of change to the most by using their sense of sound and weight. Later, a new game begins with Omar Nazel from Pasadena, CA and Gabrielle Gee from Los Angeles, CA trying to win the top prize. Ready to play, Omar‘s first task is the "Hoop De Loop" challenge where he must roll a hula-hoop across the floor and land three of them around seven full two-liter soda bottles. [NBC]

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