A hairstylist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Wiggly learned to be independent in high school, when she got her own apartment and established her freedom. Part of her dreams is going to Alaska, just to experience the amazing sight of the Northern Lights.

In her search for the right man, Wiggly believes that it’s Real who has all the qualities of her own Mr. Right. This led her to become one of the contestants on VH1’s second season of Real Chance of Love. Even though she’s ready for a relationship, she has abstained from casual sex for three years.

Joining Real Chance of Love 2, she did her best to charm the Stallionaires in their second quest in building a strong romantic relationship. Real and Chance have recovered from the first season of the show, so they decided to mix it up with twenty girls who are hoping to be the one for them. This season presented a new twist in the series, as there will no longer be any division like before. The idea of “Real’s Girls” and “Chance’s Girls” has been eliminated, which caused the competition to get tougher. She was sent home on episode 2 of the show because she was shy and yet came on too strong.

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