Victoria Beckham



Victoria Beckham, born April 17, 1974, is an acclaimed pop singer, dancer, and songwriter turned fashion designer, entrepreneur, author, actress, and model. Born Victoria Adams, Victoria was later known ubiquitously as Posh Spice from her membership in the Spice Girls, one of the most successful musical acts of the 1990s. Beckham joined the Spice Girls in 1993. The group became a sensation, and through the 1990’s the group sold more than 55 million albums worldwide. In 1997 the five Spice Girls starred in a feature film, Spice World, which introduced Posh to her first acting gig. Shortly after the Spice Girls disbanded, Victoria Adams became Victoria Beckham, marrying famous British footballer David Beckham in 1999. Beckham is now better known as a fashion icon than as a musical icon, and has kept busy with several high-profile fashion projects. She has designed a line of jeans for the Rock & Republic brand, and has put out many of her own products, including her brand of dVb Eyewear, dVb Style jeans, and Intimately Beckham fragrances and sunglasses. She has modeled for couture designers Roberto Cavalli and Marc Jacobs, among others, and in 2008 debuted her own line of couture dresses at New York Fashion Week. The combined celebrity of David and Victoria Beckham, or “Posh and Becks” as they are known in the UK tabloid media, as propelled several documentary projects focused on the couple’s lives, including Being Victoria Beckham (2002), The Real Beckhams (2003), and Victoria Beckham: Coming to America (2007), which centered on the Beckhams’ move to Los Angeles following David’s draft to the L.A. Galaxy soccer team. Victoria has also released solo music projects through Virgin and Telstar Records, with four singles hitting the top of the UK charts, and has authored several books, including her 2001 autobiography, Learning How to Fly. In 2007 the Spice Girls launched a highly anticipated and lucrative comeback tour, and Beckham openly spoke of her excitement for the tour, especially being able to show her three sons that she was a genuine pop superstar. Beckham has also recently appeared as a guest judge on Bravo’s Project Runway (2008) and made a cameo on Ugly Betty in 2007. The Beckhams currently live in Los Angeles, are two of the most sought after celebrities by paparazzi, and have a cited joint net worth of more than 112 million pounds.

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