Stephanie Izard


Date Of Birth

October 30, 1976


Stephanie Izard is known in town as the former chef and owner of Scylla in Chicago.  She studied Sociology at the University of Michigan before earning her culinary degree from the Scottsdale Culinary Institute. Before, she worked as a hostess at the Olive Garden and decided to pursue a career in the culinary arts.

She soon let go of Scylla and spent most of her time traveling and planning on her next venture. The Stamford, Connecticut native is famous for her love of cooking seafood.  According to Stephanie, it is seafood that excites her the most.  She is amazed by the fact that the same fish can be cooked in so many different ways-grilled, poached, cured, or pan roasted, and is ecstatic that each method of cooking brings out different attributes, flavors and textures.  While she enjoys mixing contrasting and complementary elements in her cooking, she stands firm in believing that balance is the most essential and that balance should be non-negotiable.  Stephanie describes herself as a risk-taker, knowing that she is brave enough to pursue whatever she sets her mind on.  She is also proud to announce that she is a pro at any dish that has seafood in it.  She lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Stephanie was a contestant and the winner of Top Chef Season 4. After winning the Top Chef title, in addition to becoming the Fan Favorite, she decided to open her own restaurant. She became the owner of Girl and The Goat, which focuses on small plates and charcuterie. The first branch is located in the West Loop area of Chicago. Joining her there are veterans Kevin Boehm and Rob Katz. Her plans for the restaurant are to take comfort-style foods and bring them that one step further.

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Place of Birth

Stamford, Connecticut

Birth Name

Stephanie Izard



Fun Facts

- She enjoys scuba-diving.

- When she cooks alone, she usually listens and sings to what she calls "bad 80s and 90s music".



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2008: Top Chef - Herself

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