Sara moved to New York City after she studied at the University of Toronto, where she learned to create her signature style of painting. She has used the most unusual of mediums, in addition to creating installations. In 2007, she became known for her participation in Thom Sokoloski's "The Encampment," on Roosevelt Island. Her works have also been exhibited at the Space Womb in 2010, The Puzzle Project (Osaka, Japan), and Salon.

The brains behind the non-profit workshop “MUSE: Movement to Uncover Self-Expression”, she deals with womanhood, identity, spirituality and subconscious in her work. She later decided to become one of the contestants on Bravo’s reality competition, Work of Art. In the second season, these up-and-coming artists compete for a solo exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum and a cash prize of $100,000. A diverse panel of judges will offer their criticisms of the works, until only one remains as the winner.

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