Reno Collier



Stand-up comedian and West Virginia native Reno Collier began his career in Atlanta, Georgia, where he worked as a physical education teacher, and doubled as a bartender to keep up. From there, he began working the comedy circuit, eventually joining Larry the Cable Guy with his “2004 Tour of America”. He also worked with other members of Blue Collar Comedy, including Bill Engvall and Jeff Foxworthy; he was also part of the group’s “The Next Generation” tour. He also headlined the Comics on Duty tour for American soldiers in Iraq in 2005 and 2006, and was part of the HBO Comedy Arts Festival and the Montreal Comedy Festival.

Collier’s also had a career doing comedy on broadcast. He is a regular part of the syndicated Bob & Tom radio show, and also performed for Blue Collar Radio on Sirius Radio. On television, he appeared on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend and his own Comedy Central Presents special, as well as The Martin Short Show and Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. He currently hosts the NBC reality show Great American Road Trip.

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