Pamela Ptak



Designer Pamela Ptak hails from Pittsfield, MA and works full-time as a fashion designer, and part-time as a college instructor. At an early age, she already started sketching clothes and had even made some for her dolls. Finding inspiration in God’s creations, she then pursued a career in the industry.

Pamela Ptak earned her BFA degree from Pratt, then studied couture methods at the Maison Sapho School and later at FIT. She eventually found a job as an advertising art director in NYC and soon found positions at two of the world's top 10 global ad agencies. She has even been honored for her designs, as she became the recipient of the Houston Film Festival Gold Award for a Cover Girl mascara TV ad with Christie Brinkley during the early 1990s.

Proclaiming herself as meticulous but bubbly, Pamela maintains a positive attitude despite her high standards. This Harry Potter fan was encouraged by her fashion design students to try out for reality TV, and she succeeded. She soon became a contestant for Project Runway’s seventh season, set in New York. She became one of the 16 designers vying for the top prize and the chance to launch their careers in the fashion industry. Unfortunately, she was eliminated early on in the competition. She lasted until episode 2 and has since continued to pursue a career in fashion design, particularly couture.

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