Nicole Franzel



Nicole Franzel is one of the houseguests on Big Brother season 16. She's a nursing graduate who lives in Ubly, Michigan. She admits that she's nerdy and enjoys studying often. Since she was eight years old, she has wanted to join Big Brother and hopes that she would have a showmance with someone like Ian. In week 2, Nicole was nominated alongside Hayden, Brittany and Paola but end up winning the Battle of Block with Hayden. In week 3, she scored a perfect 29 during the Underwater Polo HoH competition and nominated Amber and Donny for eviction. However, Donny and Amber prevailed the Battle of Block and saved themselves and made Nicole wear a frog costume. In week 5, she was nominated by HoH Zach but she managed to win the Battle of the Block along with Christine. In week 6, she became HoH along with Donny. In the week 6 double eviction episode, she became the replacement nominee after Donny used Power of Veto to save himself. Nicole went against Hayden, who eventually got evicted with 5 out of 7 votes. In week 7, she went up against Donny but was evicted with 6 out of 6 votes. Following Zach's eviction in week 8, Nicole, Hayden, and Jocasta returned to the house to compete for a chance to get back in the game and win $500,000. Nicole ended up winning the competition. In week 9, however, she was put on the block along with Donny, who was evicted unanimously. The following week, HoH Caleb nominated her and Christine. Nicole was evicted with 4 out of 4 votes.




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