This boisterous party planner from New Delhi, India is 31 years old and ready to take on anything that life brings her. Anju claims that she’s brash and adventurous, in addition to being proud of herself and her sexuality. She embraces challenges, and is someone who isn’t easy to pin down. No man can intimidate this lady, but she’s open for those willing to try.

Anju is one of the contestants in VH1’s dating competition My Antonio, where fourteen women will go head to head for the affections of actor and model Antonio Sabato Jr. With such a devastating man before them, these stunning ladies will have to prove how ready they are to settle down with him in the course of ten episodes.

On My Antonio, the emotions are as real as it gets. The star’s quest for the woman of his dreams is a determined one, as he searches for his soulmate among the contestants. Antonio Sabato Jr. is looking for someone special, who’s serious about life and love just like him. These girls must be quick to accept an offer to go horseback riding on a windswept mountainside, just as easily as they can show off their sparkling wit and wisdom.

The lucky girls will be arriving at Antonio’s tropical heaven, a romantic resort located on the Big Island of Hawaii. Their stories will unfold with every shocking plot twist, ranging from his overzealous mother to a mystery lover from the past. It’s going to be quite a journey for all of them, as they hope to declare their man as My Antonio.

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