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Matt Neustadt
, a corn, wheat, and soybean farmer, grew up in West Alton, Missouri, but has since lived in Portage Des Sioux, also in Missouri. He graduated from the University of Central Missouri in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in agricultural technology. He says he is a third generation farmer on land owned by his family since the late 1940s. He truly lives for the outdoors. He also enjoys other rural activities, such as archery, deer-hunting, camping, and fishing.

Matt became known as the farmer in the CW reality show Farmer Wants a Wife . The show takes ten city women out of their fast and chaotic urban lifestyle to experience life in the farm, while hoping to spark romantic connections with Matt in the process. The ladies tackled a series of farm-themed challenges that will test her adaptability and suitability to deal with country life, all the while aiming to gain Matt's interest.

On the final episode of the series, Matt chose California girl Brooke as his possible bride to be. In an exclusive interview with BuddyTV, Brooke revealed that she'll soon be moving to Missouri so the couple can get to know each other better. They were unable to be seen together for many months so as not to spoil the show, so now they're more than ready to try to make things work as a normal couple.

Matt recently faced some struggles when his farmland was flooded after rain drenched much of the Midwest. With many people in Missouri suffering, Matt has asked that people contact their local Red Cross for information on how they can help with the situation.

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