Mark and Michael



The Amazing Race 14
1st Leg: 3rd Place
2nd Leg: 8th Place
3rd Leg: 5th Place
4th Leg: 7th Place
5th Leg: 5th Place
6th Leg: 6th Place
7th Leg: 3rd Place *
8th Leg: 5th Place/Non-elimination leg **
9th Leg: 5th Place/Eliminated

* - Arrived 1st, but were being issued two 30-minute penalties: one for intentionally tampering with the bike pumps at the 2 Miles Detour, and one for hiring a taxi to guide them through the task, which was explicitly prohibited in the clue. Consequently, it allows Tammy & Victor and Jaime & Cara to get ahead of them as they dropped to 3rd.

** - Arrived 4th, but were being issued two 2-hour penalties for "using personal belongings to settle a taxi bill" (i.e., they bartered items to pay two taxi fares). With approximately 3 hours and 10 minutes left of their penalty time, Kisha & Jen returned to check in 4th. Mark & Michael, now in last place, were allowed to check in immediately after Kisha & Jen, however since it was a non-elimination leg, the remaining penalty time will be assessed over to the next leg.

7th Team Eliminated - 4/19/2009

Brothers Mark and Michael are one of eleven teams racing around the world in the 14th season of The Amazing Race.

Standing at four feet, nine inches, the two won’t let their height get in their way. 48-year-old Mark Mu?oz, and his 51-year-old brother Michael, both work as stuntmen, having appeared together in films such as Seabiscuit, Van Helsing and Spider-Man. Despite the similarities in their career, these two could never be more different: Mark, a part-time jockey, enjoys skiing; while Michael, the music lover, spends his free time surfing in Hawaii.

The two have had their issues in the past, and they hope the race would help them patch up their communication issues. The fathers of two each believe that their physical and mental fitness—a trait they developed from years of working in the stunt business—will get them through the demands of the race, and see them first.

Birth Name

Mark and Michael


The Amazing Race, Season 14, 5th Place


"Alright Guys We're at War!" – Mark

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