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Malan Breton was born on June 16, 1973 in Taiwan. As he was growing up, he got the opportunity to travel the world quite extensively, having held residence in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, California, Hawaii, Utah and Georgia, among others. He started designing clothes at the tender age of sixteen, and was heavily influenced by costume mistresses. He drew inspiration from the fashion trends of Asia, Australia, Europe and Hollywood. He has created apparel for Megu restaurant and has continued to cater to his private clientele. Aside from designing, Breton has also worked as model and as a professional dancer.

Breton auditioned for Project Runway during the show’s first and second seasons. He was asked to become a finalist on season 2, but chose to give up his spot. Breton finally appeared on the show during season 3, but was the second to be sent home, after he and his design partner Katherine Gerdes , failed to create an impressive design for an evening gown (to be worn by the United States’ Miss Universe representative).

Since his departure from the show, he has continued to work on his eponymous line of clothes, accessories and jewelry. He is also known for designing costumes for NBC's prime-time game show Minute to Win It. He even writes for OK! Magazine and contributes to other publications like The New York Times and Out Magazine. Later on, he starred in his own webseries called The Malan Show.

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