Kristina Sajko



From Zagreb, Croatia comes 5’8 ?” model Kristina Sajko. She has been involved in the fashion industry for ten years, traveling all around the world for shows. She has been in Paris, Milan, London, Germany, Japan, and Spain.

A fan of style icon Josipa Lisac, Kristina enjoys watching shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy. She studied art and design during college, but prefers to relax by playing tennis and spending time with her boyfriend. Driven to do her job in the modeling business, she isn’t the type who would go out of their way to connect with anyone.

With her mind set solely on doing what is asked of her in the industry, Kristina has decided to audition as a contestant on Project Runway’s sister show, Models of the Runway and got accepted. Both series air on the Lifetime Network, and pits the contestants against one another to win the top prize.

The 16 models were paired with a designer from the show, but Models of the Runway will feature more scenes regarding the backstage drama that occurs during the competition. Each model will share their perspective, from the tears to the laughs they all experienced while being on the series. She was named the winner of the competition, along with Project Runway's Seth Aaron Henderson.

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