Kiele Sanchez


Date Of Birth

October 13, 1977


American actress Kiele Sanchez was born on October 13, 1977 in Chicago, Illinois. She is of Puerto Rican and French descent, and has three siblings. She developed her passion for acting during her teenage years, when she starred in a Glenbard North High School production of The Grapes of Wrath. This helped her overcome her stage fright, and soon led her to embark on a career in the entertainment industry.

In 2000, Kiele Sanchez decided to audition for MTV’s Wanna Be a VJ contest in New York and was selected as one of the five finalists. Though she did not win the competition, she caught the eye of an agent who recommended she move to Los Angeles. There, Sanchez underwent many auditions and later landed a number of roles. She was cast in the short-lived drama That Was Then, and soon in the sitcom Married to the Kellys. She was also seen on Migrating Forms, The Kiss, Rennie’s Landing, and Class Warfare. In 2003, Sanchez got a small part in the movie Stuck on You. After working on Married to the Kellys, she obtained roles in series like Girls on the Bus, Four Kings, and Modern Men. In 2005, she rose to fame playing the second-eldest Sorelli sister, Anne, in The WB’s Related. Afterwards, Sanchez joined the acclaimed ABC series Lost in its third season, portraying the character Nikki Fernandez. Because fans didn’t respond too highly to her character, she was written out of the show after eleven episodes. Shortly after, she filmed a pilot called Football Wives, but the series was not picked up.

Sanchez was next seen as a recurring star on the series Samantha Who?, as well as appearing on the movie Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium in 2007. She then signed up for several projects, including Insanitarium, A Perfect Getaway, and 30 Days of Night: Dark Days

Place of Birth

Chicago, IL

Birth Name

Kiele Michelle Sanchez



Fun Facts

- Kiele is claustrophobic, which proved to be a problem when she was shooting one of her scenes in Lost - in "Expose", when she had to be buried alive.

- She thinks that mullets are hot.

- When she's not working, she enjoys pilates and yoga, plus spending times with her friends and dog.

- Kiele has a maltese female dog named Pooh Bear.




2000 - Migrating Forms
2001 - The Kiss
2001 - Rennie's Landing
2001 - Class Warfare
2002 - That Was Then
2003 - Young MacGyver
2003 - Stuck on You
2004 - Married to the Kellys
2006 - Girls on the Bus
2006 - Four Kings
2006 - Modern Men
2006 - Related
2007 - Football Wives
2007 - Lost
2007 - Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
2008 - Samantha Who?
2008 - Insanitarium
2008 - The End of Steve
2009 - A Perfect Getaway
2010 - Black, White and Blues
2010 - Matadors
2010 - 30 Days of Night: Dark Days
2010 - The Glades






"There is something to be said about a guy who is attractive and doesn’t know it. I hate men who are overconfident. You know, like Fabio."

"I think if you're too passive, you just fall into that friend role. And that's hard to break out of. I also don't want a guy to come on too strong. Just don't try too hard. And if it's hard, then it's probably not meant to be."

"People think my boobs are fake, but they're not. I never got that question until I moved to L.A. And I don't like the connotation that they would think that they are. I'm not that kind of girl."

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