Kaysar Ridha


Date Of Birth

.August 10, 1980


Kaysar Ridha was born on August 10, 1980 in Baghdad, Iraq, and his family moved to the United States when he was only a baby. He spent his childhood in Houston, Texas, and at present, is living in Irvine, California, where he works as a graphic designer. A year before he returned to reality television for another season of Big Brother, Kaysar was given a guest role on an October 2005 episode of . Among his interests are swimming, running, snowboarding, biking, reading and playing chess. He likes to snack on cookies, pistachio ice cream and chocolate cake, but does not drink alcoholic beverages.

As one of the guests on the sixth season of Big Brother, Kaysar was secretly paired with Michael, his neighbor. He received a nomination for eviction on Week 1, but was saved from elimination when the result of the votes came out in his favor. After Michael got evicted, he won HOH in Week 3, and got an alliance together to evict Eric, the one that was HOH the week before. Then, he received his second nomination during Week 4, and that time, the majority of the other contestants decided to evict Kaysar. However, through a surprise twist, Kaysar returned to the house after a week since he was evicted, thanks to the votes sent in by the viewers. However, he did not get welcomed back with open arms. He was evicted for the second time on Week 6.

Kaysar again joined the competition during the show's special season, Big Brother: All-Stars. He won the "Alison Rules" challenge, consequently making him the Head of Household for week 2. Kaysar received his first (and last) nomination for eviction on week 5 from , who had wanted to weaken the Sovereign Six Alliance of which Kaysar was an integral part. Kaysar was the 5th contestant to be evicted from the house.

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Place of Birth

Baghdad, Iraq

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Kaysar Ridha

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