Kate Pankoke



Kate Pankoke competed on Project Runway Season 11 but only lasted until week 7 of the competition. She was given a second chance at redemption when she returned to compete in Season 12 after fans voted for her, beating season 6’s Ra’mon Lawrence-Coleman and season 8’s Valerie Mayen. In episode 11, however, she was sent home in the double elimination.

She graduated from Florida State University's Apparel Design and Technology program in December of 2010, and studied fashion designer for a semester at Syracuse University's Summer College for High School Students. Prior to joining the show, she worked as a creative director, visual merchandiser, design volunteer, pattern-maker and sales clerk. She believes that she has ability to predict color trends and silhouettes that will be popular the following season. In 2014, she joined the cast of Project Runway: All Stars Season 4. She was eliminated in week 4, earning her the 11th place.



Fun Facts

Kate Pankoke won her first Project Runway Season 12 challengeduring a diamonds challenge. See the look here.

The following week was an unconventional Coney Island challenge where her team won again but she gave the credit to her partner, Helen. See the look here.


Project Runway: All Stars, season 4


"If I wasn't a designer, I would be a criminal profiler or criminal psychologist. I am so intrigued by the criminal mind and how it works, and I would love to put that fascination to good use."

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