Jorge Garcia


Date Of Birth

April 28, 1973


Jorge Garcia began his career as a comedian, first gaining prominence in a recurring role on the comedy series Becker. He also appeared in several films from the late 1990s.

Garcia's breakout role came in 2004, when he was cast as Hugo Reyes on the ABC series Lost. He originally auditioned as con man Sawyer Ford (the role later went to Josh Holloway) but his character was specially written for him by the producers after his guest role on the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm. He stayed on the show until its finale in 2010.

Since Lost, Garcia has returned to comedy, with roles in How I Met Your Mother and the short-lived ABC sitcom Mr. Sunshine. He currently stars in the Fox mystery series Alcatraz.

Place of Birth

Omaha, NE

Birth Name

Jorge Garcia



Fun Facts

- If Jorge could bring back one dead character on the show, Lost, it would be Libby. This is so because he liked the relationship between Libby and his character, Hurley.

- Jorge's favorite character on Lost is Sawyer.

- Jorge was a huge fan of Star Wars, and used to play with its action figures.

- Jorge loves playing video games.

- Jorge has received the oddest things from Lost fans. A lady fan once sent him a coupon for Slim Fast and several religious pamphlets. She also sent him some dieters' tea. Other fans have sent him a picture of themselves with his requested autographed picture seen on the background.


- Screen Actors Guild Award, Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, 2006 (for Lost)
- ALMA Award, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Television Series, 2006 (for Lost)
- ALMA Award, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Television Series, 2008 (for Lost)


- Raven's Ridge (1997)
- King of the Open Mics (2000)
- Tomorrow by Midnight (2001)
- The Slow and the Cautious (2002)
- Happily Ever After (2004)
- The Good Humor Man (2005)
- Little Athens (2005)
- Deck the Halls (2006)
- Sweetzer (2007)
- Maktub (2011)

- Becker (recurring, 2003-2004)
- Lost (regular, 2004-2010)
- Mr. Sunshine (recurring, 2011)
- Alcatraz (regular, 2012-present)







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