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High fashion designer John Varvatos was born in Detroit and raised in Allen Park, a Downriver community at the south of Detroit.

Varvatos started his career as a fashion designer with Polo Ralph Lauren in 1983. He then moved to Calvin Klein in 1990 as the head of menswear design, whose job was to oversee the launch of the brand's men's collection. He returned to Ralph Lauren in 1995 as the head of menswear design for all Polo Ralph Lauren brands. During his time with Ralph Lauren, Varvatos successfully launched the Polo Jeans Company.

2000 marked Varvatos' breakthrough. It is during this time that he debuted his first clothing line under his own fashion house, John Varvatos. In September, he opened his first freestanding boutique in Soho.

In 2001, Converse gave Varvatos the license to create a line of high-end Converse All-Star shoes for the brand's fall/winter season. The designs were indeed so well received that Converse has continued to partner with Varvatos up to this day.

Varvatos didn't stop at designing apparel. Backed by Shiseido, Varvatos launched his first fragrance named John Varvatos Classic in the fall of 2004, then followed it up with the launch of Vintage 2 years after. He then launched his fragrance for women in 2008 and his 'green' fragrance called Artisan in the spring of 2009.

Still with the help of Shiseido, Varvatos launched the John Varvatos Skin, a line of skin care products for men, in the spring of 2005.

He currently stars as one of the mentors in the NBC reality show, Fasion Star, alongside Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson.

Place of Birth

Detroit, Michigan, USA




2000: Perry Ellis Award for Menswear by the Council of Fashion Designers of America

2001: Designer of the Year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America

2005: Menswear Designer of the Year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America

2007: GQ's Designer of the Year

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