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Jenah Doucette comes from Farmington, CT.  She came in third place in the 9th cycle of America's Next Top Model.  She was arguably the strongest model of the season, consistently pulling off beautiful and high fashion shots week after week.  However, the judges felt that her bad attitude would not get her far in the modeling world.  Jenah stuck up for herself, saying that she doesn't have to be bubbly to be a Top Model or a role model to young girls.  She landed in the bottom two three times in a row at the end of the season and the finale ended up being her undoing.  She just missed being part of the final runway show. Despite her passion for modeling, she wasn't able to get signed to an agency.

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Jenah Photos:


Episode 2: Side Effects of Smoking


Episode 3: Rock Climbing

Episode 4: Plants


Episode 5: Fashion Gargoyles

Episode 6: Recyclable Materials

Cardboard Boxes

Episode 9: Stranded Models

Episode 10: Cover Girl Shoot

Episode 11: Chinese Lions

Episode 12: Warriors

Episode 13: Cover Girl Ad

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Place of Birth

Farmington, CT

Birth Name

Jenah Doucette




2010: The Sassy Assassin (short) - Charley M. Sass
2007: America's Next Top Model (TV series) - Herself



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