James Zinkand


Date Of Birth

November 21, 1986


James played the game straight on, staying true to himself and never really wavered.  Unfortunately, he was voted out on Day 63 (which was the second time he was evicted).  James fell for his original couple partner Chelsia, and they continued their romance inside the Jury House.  Known for his crazy pink hair, James liked to walk around the house completely naked.

Born on November 21, 1986 and hailing from Sarasota, Florida, James Zinkand is a high school graduate who's currently on a mission to ride his bicycle halfway around the world with no money in his pocket.  He once lived in Buenos Aires, where he dressed mannequins for a living.

Describing himself as insane, crazy and having different personalities based on his mood, James grew up in a broken home and soon learned that being different would get the attention he needed from others.  He was considered a "freak" back in high school, as he usually wore costumes to school even if it wasn't Halloween.  He is close to his mother and has one sister, and the two are recently divorced.  James has seven tattoos and likes music by The Clash.  Currently single, he was once engaged to an older woman.

James is one of 16 housemates on CBS' Big Brother 9. He was paired with Chelsia .

On Day 35, James was evicted from the show but the housemates were all surprised to find him back in the house again.  This was part of season 9's twist.

James holds the record of winning the Power of Veto for three straight weeks and this made him a threat to other players.  On Day 63, a unanimous vote of 3-0 made him the sixth houseguest to leave for good.  He became the fourth member of Big Brother 9's jury.

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James Zinkand




2008: Reality Obsessed (TV series) - Himself
2008: Big Brother (TV series) - Himself

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