Ian Rosenberger


Date Of Birth

August 24,1981


Survivor: Palau (Season 10)- 15th voted out

Ian Rosenberger Biography:

Ian Rosenberger grew up in a horse farm in Ambridge, Pennsylvania and is a graduate of Quigley Catholic High School, where he was an accomplished soccer player. Born on August 24, 1981, Rosenberger also spent his teen years working as a summer camp counselor and volunteering his services to the children’s organization, McGuire Home. After high school, he went on to major in agricultural extension and educational leadership at Pennsylvania State University, where he was once the Undergraduate Student Body President. Before he became a dolphin-assisted therapist for disabled children, Rosenberger took on a variety of jobs, which include outdoor adventure group dynamics facilitator, wedding disc jockey, street performer at a major amusement park and construction worker. One of his greatest accomplishments is helping raise $3 million for children suffering from cancer.

As a contestant on Survivor: Palau, Rosenberger was successful enough to make it to the Final Three, but after feeling guilty for having backstabbed and wronged his fellow Koror tribe member, Tom, he gave up a spot on the Final Two to other fellow tribe member, Katie . Consequently, Rosenberger was voted off at the 16th tribal council, leaving Tom and Katie to face the jury.

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Place of Birth


Birth Name

Ian Anthony Rosenberger



Fun Facts

Ian was a Mancini Award winner as a student at Quigley High,he is a Certified Lifeguard , Scuba Diver,he can surf, play the guitar,He was a member of the Essence of Joy choir ,while at Penn State....he sings, served as a teacher's assistant ,is an Eagle scout,has been in the boy scouts,since he was 6 years old,applied for The Amazing Race before he was chosen for Survivor,taught white water rafting , has written articles and speeches for many things....MTV,USA Today,CNN,Washington Post,
New York Times, has a great sense humor,and is featured in Alvin Townley's new book Spirit Of Adventure.
can currenty be seen at


1999 Mancini Award winner


FILMS: Comedy

Bam Margera Presents: Where the #$&% is Santa?
(segment producer) film released Dec 2,2008

Host for Discovery channel Crash Test
Guest Host for MTV's Made.


Banana Boy,Dolphin Boy




It's like taking a bag of Doritos from a fat man;you can do it,but you better do it quick,before he turns around and sits on you.

It's Survivor ..not Parcheesi!

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