Helen and Shanon



Mother and daughter Helen and Shanon are one of eleven pairs competing in the second batch of The Biggest Loser: Couples.
Helen Phillips, 47, is a retired retail manager based in Sterling Heights, MI. Her busy schedule—her old job, raising three kids and her tendency to put her friends before herself—let to her gaining weight. After all, it’s easier to pick up fast food on the way than cooking for herself, or to watch television while eating ice cream than taking a hike outdoors. She’s lost time to herself, but she’s ready to take it back and get herself back to shape—an attitude that she thinks should begin at home, as she thinks she and her husband make the goal of losing weight a harder one to reach.
Shanon Thomas, 29, is a massage therapist based in Centerline, MI. As the oldest of three, she’s always tried to become a role model to her younger siblings. Despite struggling with her weight in her early years, she was active in sports—a habit that has since disappeared when she took on her job. She believes that she’ll make a bigger impact on her clients when she takes control of her weight.
Helen and Shanon form the Pink Team, training under Bob Harper. Their mother-daughter relationship is a very healthy one: they are so close, they can pass for sisters. They hope to leave The Biggest Loser: Couples with the change that they need to start their life anew. For Helen, the show is a bigger challenge: she thinks it is the best opportunity to help her daughter, because she feels she didn’t provide enough for Shanon while she was growing up.

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