Hadiyyah-lah Fatimah Sa'id



Hadiyyah-lah Fatimah Sa'id is not exactly the timid girl who, given a choice, would rather be invisible. The receptionist and audio engineer from Minneapolis, Minnesota is so confident she rates herself a 20 out of 10. Hadiyyah-Lah is not a girly girl - she loves to play basketball and watch boxing. Her dream job is to own a recording studio. With late singer Aaliyah as her inspiration, Haddiyyah-lah says she is very positive and outgoing that she can get along with everyone regardless of whether she had to fake it or not. According to her, she is single because men are intimidated by her beauty. Her best qualities, she says, are her hair, her voice and the way she dresses up.

Fatimah Sa'id starred in the ABC reality show True Beauty that puts the spotlight on ten people who are beautiful on the outside who'd try to see if they have what the show calls "true beauty" - beauty on the inside. She was the first to be eliminated on the series because of her rude behavior towards others.




2009: True Beauty (TV series) - Himself

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