Erwin and Godwin


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The Amazing Race 10
1st Leg: 7th Place
2nd Leg: 8th Place
3rd Leg: 1st Place
4th Leg: 4th Place
5th Leg: 4th Place
6th Leg: 5th Place
7th Leg: 4th Place
8th Leg: 4th Place (worked together with Dustin and Kandice in the Intersection route marker)
9th Leg: Race Continues
10th Leg: 5th Place/Eliminated

8th Team Eliminated - 11/19/2006

Erwin and Godwin Biographies:

Erwin Cho is an insurance company manager, who takes pride in his confidence, creativity and calm personality. A product of the Ivy-league school Harvard, Erwin cites his first plane ride as one of the most exhilarating moments in his life.

Erwin's younger brother, Godwin, is a financial analyst. For most of his life, Godwin has felt that Erwin's achievements have overshadowed his, and has tried hard to prove to others that he can equal Erwin's capabilities and skills.

Although Godwin's prime motivation for joining The Amazing Race 10 is to set himself apart from his brother, both of them hoped to do some bonding through the course of the competition. They were part of the Six-Pack alliance with the teams of and , and were often held back for constantly waiting for their allies. They did fairly well in the competition, having won a home theater system after they arrived first at the third pit stop in Vietnam. From there, they remained in the tailend of the race, until at the end of the 10th leg, they were the eighth team eliminated from the race and ranked 5th place in the competition.

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Erwin and Godwin



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The Amazing Race, Season 10, 5th Place






"Being Polite Sucks Sometimes" – Godwin

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